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Mascot Monday: Rocky the Rocket

Sometimes you need to be obvious about your mascot name.  Sometimes you just have to have some dude out there instead of the actual mascot.  In this week’s Mascot Monday’s case, sometimes you need both.  The Toledo Rockets fly straight out of the MAC and have been piloted by Rocky the Rocket the whole time.  We’ll fly into space this week and come back with a little video game nostalgia.  Those in the know will know where I”m going with this. Continue reading Mascot Monday: Rocky the Rocket

GameDay: SEC is the Big Brother of College Football


Now this is a Big 12 and Kansas City blog but today we are going to dip into the hype and look at the SEC.   Everyone in the country says the Southeastern Conference is the best college football conference on the planet.  Many people, especially around here pooh-pooh that notion.  But when looking at the numbers and opening conference play this week, it’s kind of hard to argue against that.  The SEC has 4 undefeated teams.  Every other conference has at most 2 (including the Big 12 and the Big 10).  Now you might complain that the non conference schedule for the SEC has been weak, but they handled teams like Virginia Tech and the some what surprising Washington.  Even so, they didn’t trip up like the other conferences and beat the teams they are supposed to.  Yet they still get the ire of others.  That kinda reminds me about how little brothers look at big brothers.

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