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GameDay: State of the Mascot

As some of you may know, I do a Mascot Monday post ever week in the offseason.  What I do is an introspective into the many mascots that parade the sidelines during the games.  Some of them are live animals.  Some of them are costumed.  And even some of them are real people.  There isn’t a massive ranking list like the football teams, but I do tell you if the mascot is worth watching and if the school really cares about its spirit.  Welp I saw something yesterday that made me think about the state of mascots.

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The Crib Sheet: The Light at the End of the Rain Tunnel


Record heat flies by and the next thing you know, a tropical storm drops in outta no where.  The rain was swirling from all directions and it almost seemed like a tornado or hurricane was brewing right over Kansas City.  I snapped a couple of pics to document the torrential rain.   It looks like the light is at the end of the storm.  That’s where we are at in college football.  We still must weather the baseball season, but basketball and hockey is over.   There’s still some storms a brewin’, especially in Manhattan, but we know we are getting ever so closer.  Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Social Networking is big here at the KCCGD which is why it’s great to see stuff like Darius Darks of Iowa State using Facebook to garner support for the him and the team.  We’re surprised we don’t see official football pages on facebook now and hope that some schools pick it up for the future.
  • Former Alabama Crimson Tide coach Bill Curry will play his former team in 2010 as the head coach for the first year program Georgia State.  It’s always good to see former coaches go against their team.  Chances are this game will be out of hand, but an upset would be nice.
  • Iowa offensive linemen Kyle Calloway got the hook from the cops for tooling around town on a moped while intoxicated.  So Kyle will lose a game and get some counselling for running into a barricade on the little bike.  The image of a big drunk linemen on a tiny moped is hilarious.  Kids:  don’t do that at home.
  • So after the Ron Prince debacle, it seems another former official for the K-State athletic department is getting a sweet deal.  Pile that on top of a nasty audit, and what we have here is a good ole fashion free for all in Manhattan.  The Purple Yeti will be clutching his checkbook tightly for the next year or two until this gets settled.
  • Help William & Mary find a new mascot!  Since April 1 they’ve been taking submissions and it’s growing everyday.  As we’re sure you know about the Mascot Monday here and how mascots are near and dear to our hearts.  Take part and let’s see who wins!  I’m voting for the question mark.

Mascot Monday: Bucky Badger


In the blistering heat of the summer, one can only dream of being in cooler places.  Frozen strawberry margaritas help take you there, but actually being there is so much better. Usually this time of the year see the North being the ‘just right’ temperature.  Thinking of the chilly north and the strawberry red margarita, it makes sense that this week’s mascot would be none other than Wisconsin’s Bucky Badger.  We try to take a cool look at this feisty fella and hopefully stop sweating while doing so.

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Mascot Monday: Gaylord the Camel

Gaylord's new look

Through the last couple of months, we’ve looked high and far to bring you many different types of mascots here for Mascot Monday.  We emphasize diversity and welcome all types of mascots from every conference, even the Big 10.  So when we stumbled across the Campbell University Fighting Camels, we knew that we had to include their mascot.  There is only one type of mascot, as the university advertises, they employ. Campbell University takes great pride in employing this mascot.  So we follow camel toe and step in introducing to this week’s mascot:  Gaylord the Camel.

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Mascot Monday: The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug

UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug

It’s another Mascot Monday and I’m feeling a little slow.  It’s been a long weekend and I’m just trying to catch up to things.  Some would even say I’d be feeling a bit sluggish.  Never fear, for even in mascot-dom there’s a wacky character that can inspire the lethargy deep inside all of us.  I’m of course referring to this week’s featured mascot, the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug!  A relatively young mascot, this yellow buggah has already made waves within the mascot world.
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Mascot Monday: Willie the Wildcat

Willie the Rockstar

Welcome to the first post of the offseason for the KCCGD Crew! We have a couple of ideas floating around and one of them bubbled up to reviewing the wacky tradition of mascots in college football. We’ll be talking about a new mascot every Monday in the offseason, pointing out likes and dislikes as well as funky things we found out about them. The inaugural post is, seeing as I’m a K-Stater, Willie the Wildcat.

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