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Mascot Monday: Artie the Artichoke

So a new addition found its way in the KCCGD headquarters kitchen collection a couple of weeks ago in the form of a small deep fryer.  The little thing is cute but it packs a powerful crisping punch.  We’ve dipped onion rings, breaded chicken patties, mushrooms, and even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in that thing.  So for this week’s Mascot Monday, we will take some time to honor a mascot whom we think would taste great after a batter and fry treatment.  We’re sure an artichoke will taste great fried, but how does it stack up as a mascot.  Let’s find out with Scottsdale Community College’s Artie the Artichoke

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Mascot Monday: Gaylord the Camel

Gaylord's new look

Through the last couple of months, we’ve looked high and far to bring you many different types of mascots here for Mascot Monday.  We emphasize diversity and welcome all types of mascots from every conference, even the Big 10.  So when we stumbled across the Campbell University Fighting Camels, we knew that we had to include their mascot.  There is only one type of mascot, as the university advertises, they employ. Campbell University takes great pride in employing this mascot.  So we follow camel toe and step in introducing to this week’s mascot:  Gaylord the Camel.

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Mascot Monday: Rameses


Welcome again to Mascot Monday and as we weather another week of March Madness, we must say it’s disappointing that no Big 12 team is in the Final Four.   We’ll try to fogoe those woes as we take a look at one of the surviving participants mascot.  This week we will look at the University of North Carolina’s Rameses.  We learn a little bit about tar, a little bit about rams, and all about why you shouldn’t walk on highway shoulders.  This one’s for the KU (and Roy Williams) fans.

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Mascot Monday: Charlie Choker

Charlie Choker

Okay so it isn’t Monday, but the excuse is worthy.  Let’s call it a double dose of food poisoning and checking out Ratatat in Columbia Tuesday night.  At any rate, this week we’re are offering up some advice to all of the teams (including 3 Big 12) teams some advice.  It’s getting down to the final whistle and we here at KCCGD think it’s time to remind the teams of what not to do.   So this week we are gonna look at the Grays Harbor Community College’s Charlie Choker.

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Mascot Monday: Judge and Bruiser

Bruiser's Coming

This week’s Mascot Monday takes us to the deep south of the Big 12 and the Baylor Bears.  We’ll go over what keeps the weakest team in the South going spirit wise while taking a peek back at the history of the mascots.  It’s not B.J. and the Bear or Hardcastle and McCormick, but Judge and Bruiser!  Not really as seen on TV but close enough. Just don’t sit too close to the screen or you’ll ruin your eyes.

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Mascot Monday: It’s a Razorback Menagerie!

Big Red and Sue E.

This week’s edition brings to the SEC and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Many traditions kick up one single, shining emblem that endures and represents the spirit and soul of a university’s athletic prowress. In the case of the University of Arkansas, they kick up like the Rockettes or Michael Flatley’s Riverdance. Today we’re gonna ask, just how many mascots is too many?

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