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GameDay: Avast, ye Matties!


Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend and her obscure calendar knowledge, I found out that today happens to be Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Yeargh!  Believe it or not there aren’t that many big time colleges that use a pirate moniker, matey.   There is of course the Cinderella darlings of last year in the East Carolina Pirates.  But after a quick search, I could only find Seton Hall as the only other Pirate team.  As for Buccaneers, it looks like they walked the plank.  So here’s my apology to East Carolina Pirate fans for not including them on the list of games this week.  Ye take care of the North Carolina Tarheels today, YEARGHHH!

GameDay: Quick Thought About Rekindled Rivalries


Perusing the news feeds throughout the week, I couldn’t help but notice the over abundance of items talking about the renewed rivalry of Notre Dame and Michigan.   That rivalry is one built with years of contests and traditions.  But most of the articles talked about how it was renewed.  How?  They play each other every year.  Is this because Notre Dame is ranked and looking for a BCS run?  Usually the shoe is on the other foot with Michigan pushing through the Big 10 and gunning for BCS.   So why is it getting so much press this week?   It’s very simple.  Because college football needs this rivalry.

College football is what it is today because of schools playing each other every year for over 50 years.  The tradition of going against a familiar foe and claiming bragging rights for your school is why college football draws the bank that it does.  So when Notre Dame and Michigan suit up today for the 37th time, remember that they first played each other in 1887.  That’s about 122 years ago.  So when they trot on that field today, they carry on their shoulders a history of competition older than Brent Musberger.   This is the linchpin of college football.

Of course, we would be remiss to mention that there really isn’t any other big games going on this week.  Most rivarly games are played another week.  For the ranked teams, the only marquee match up is USC heading to the horse shoe and playing Ohio State.  So the pick of teams to talk about this week is pretty weak.  Especially because of the big games from last week.   There were Top 20 upsets and down to the wire games for BCS contenders last week.  This week seems pretty lame comparatively..

But college football needs these two teams.  We were lucky enough that it is quiet enough to hear about the Wolverines and the Fighting Irish.  For the Wolves, they need to get better fast.  The Big 10 needs them to be elite much more than college football.  Nowadays, people talk about how weak the Big 10 is.  Sure they have Ohio State and sometimes Penn State, but without Michigan and their tradition (the winningest team in history) people will always scoff at the Big 10 and turn their noses at them.  As for the Irish, it’s been years since they even mattered.  There’s no patience up in South Bend.  Just look at Ty Willingham.   So the vaunted Charlie Weiss led Notre Dame Fighting Irish need to manufacture a BCS trip or face falling back in mediocrity.  It’s been way too long for them.  They even set up a cupcake schedule because they know they’ll make it on name alone.

That’s where we are at today.  In a couple hours, the whole nation will watch an 18th ranked team travel to an unranked team’s home and play football.   Usually in a bigger week with tougher matchups, this game would be overlooked.  Usually teams with higher rankings would get the national rub and this one would be pushed to regional action.  But this is Notre Dame.  This is Michigan.  This is a history rich in competition.  This is college football.  We’re lucky enough to see it.

GameDay: Follow Us on Twitter


We’re getting all cleaned up and strapped up here at KCCGD headquarters and we’d figure we’d drop a quick game day note.  As you may have noticed, we are upgrading things around here, one of them being our Twitter integration.  If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it’s basically a mini broadcasting site that lets you say random, tiny things to people who want to hear it.  With that in mind, we are blasting game day tweets all day and invite you to follow us while we marvel at Saturday’s special event: college football.  Here’s our Twitter account:

We’re almost ready to kick things off and if you can’t be there in real life, at least you can be there in real time.  Oh, and if you are an SEO specialist who promises to make me millions, please jump off a cliff.   We take special enjoyment out of blocking your types.

Out with the Old, in with the New


You may have noticed something different here at KCCGD.  Yes, we have a new site design!  We got rid of the pukey looking orange design that’s been riding us the last 2 years and dropped in a more elegant, and somewhat green, look.  We’re still keen on adding more features throughout the season but for now, take some time to bask in site.   If you feel compelled to do so, drop us a comment and let us know how it looks.  Otherwise, tune often as we start chucking out more posts on the best sport in the world, college football.

Crib Sheet: Red Hot Burn


Usually when  the tempature gauge rockets into the 90’s, it tells you many things.  First, time to turn on the A/C.  Second, time to hit the pool.  Lastly, college football season is right around the corner.  So while you are out there baking in the sun, please remember to wear sun screen and to think of the short time left before kickoff.  Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Looks like the Nebraska Cornhuskers are getting support from all sides as Tim Griffin reports on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ love for the Huskers and his influence on recruits.   Judge Thomas sounds like he know about more about the Huskers than the law, unless he thinks they rule or something.
  • Still on the Nebraska side, Bo Pelini is standing up for his hometown fellow, LeBron James.  It seems LeBron was a little unsportsmenlike when he choked away the playoffs last week.  People have been ragging him since and Bo decided to stand up for King James and defend him, in all of his open mouthed, gum chewing glory.
  • Ivan Maisel did a little piece about smaller schools taking big cash for playing major opponents from major colleges.  It does tilt the competition in the favor of the major schools.   The smaller schools do get money they would otherwise not see for their athletic program.  The shadiness of the AD’s not having confidence in their team does seem to be a concern.  But then again we wouldn’t see major upsets like Appalachin State over Michigan.  It can happen you know.
  • Kansas and Georgia Tech will meet for the first time since 1948 for the next two years.  This should beef up their non-conference schedule.  They aren’t exactly pulling a K-State, but they are following toe in line for what many of the major FBS conferences are doing.
  • Joe Montana’s kid Nick will commit to Washington.  Looks like the Steve Sarkasian rub is working full time up there.  Will USC miss Steve?  Who knows, but it will be interesting to see if Nick can live up to his dad.  It’s a lofty task and other former NFL quaterback kids usually don’t live up or beyond, with the exceptions of the Mannings.  Chris Simms anyone?

Mascot Monday: It’s a Razorback Menagerie!

Big Red and Sue E.

This week’s edition brings to the SEC and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Many traditions kick up one single, shining emblem that endures and represents the spirit and soul of a university’s athletic prowress. In the case of the University of Arkansas, they kick up like the Rockettes or Michael Flatley’s Riverdance. Today we’re gonna ask, just how many mascots is too many?

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The Crib Sheet: One Spicey Meatball

Crib Sheet

We kicked off the off season with our first Mascot Monday here at the KCCGD and now we’re continuing the trend with our first edition of the Crib Sheet. Yup, it’s a weekly news round up of college football with our own little Jamaican Jerk style spice tossed on top.  Much like how a good number of student-atheletes need a crib sheet to get by the student part, well lay out what you need to know for college football news wise.  Chances are you’ll get better news elsewhere, but you won’t walk away from it with a minty fresh feeling like you would hitting up the Sheet. So buckle up because here we go:

Welp that’s it for round one of the Crib Sheet.  Well be back every Wednesday to spit up nuggets of news we chowed down on from previous week.  Until then, eat your vitamins and say your prayers, brotha.  Yup, the Yeti’s filling his time by watching a lil wrasslin’ Sunday by way of the Royal Rumble.  Hey, you gotta pass the time in the off season somewho.  As Ric Flair would say, “WHOOOOOOOO!”

Pick It and Stick It: Captain Obvious to the Rescue!

With the season coming to a close in the next month and the picks becoming sparse, it’s time for Captain Obvious to spring to action in the hopes of making such a light schedule this week entertaining.  Here’s what the ‘ole Cap just emailed today:


 Knowing your situation with college football, I decided to contact you with the thoughts on this week’s college football, obviously.  Here’s my obviously favorite way to communicate my points to you, bullet points:

  • Gary Pinkle is getting a contract extension.  With the Washington job open including other big time schools looking for coaches, Missouri ponies up and its payday for the Pinkle man.
  • BYU vs. Utah is NOT a Holy War.
  • Gary Patterson is still the coach at TCU.  He’s holding his cards but we all know K-State messed up the courtship.  Time to find another partner, Wildcat.
  • The Oklahoma Sooners are beating the Texas Tech Raiders.  Obviously.  59-2 at home under Stoops.  Obviously.
  • This week marks the official Basketball Focus Switch for Kansas University.  They’ve been waiting for weeks, obviously.
  • Ohio State will beat Michigan for the 5 time in a row and a new record loss total for the Wolverines.  It’s obvious that an 8 loss season going against an almost BCS team will be a total mismatch.
  • Cabbottmtf is the winner for Pick It and Stick It and the Purple Yeti is the loser.  He’s obviously rubbing it in for some time now.

I know deep with in my obviously huge heart that your readers will find this entertaining.  If you ever need assistance again, I will contact you.  Obviously because I know when you will need to me save the week.  Tally ho!

-Captain Obvious

Here’s this week’s picks:

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Pick It Standings Week 12: Does Barack Talk affect BCS Stock?

Week 12 is over and we are glad we made it through.  The election’s over too and we here at the KCCGD congratulate Barack Obama on his landslide win.  We do want to point out that Obama made somewhat large sports news on Monday Night Football when he said there should be a playoff in the BCS.  Welp, BCS Coordinator John Swofford responded.  Basically Swofford punted the idea of an eight team playoff Obama proposed and welcomed dialogue for future talks.  Really, Obama has better things to do than forcing a playoff on the world’s greatest tournament.  Like choosing the new presidential dog or something.  Here’s this week’s pick standings:

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 13 8 11 10 10 11 7 7 7 0 0 0 121
2 Krizzou 16 12 8 11 9 10 6 10 8 5 9 9 0 0 0 113
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 10 4 6 6 7 10 6 9 8 0 0 0 98

Krizzou won this week and the Troy upset pick is what sealed it for her.  Cabbottmtf again came up last as we’re wondering why he went with Iowa State.  The Yeti and Cabbottmtf for some reason drank the KU Kool-Aid and it ended up tasting like pee.  Rounding out the rest of the Big 12 picks, we all peered into the crystal ball correctly with Oklahoma State.  Hopefully Cabbotmtf’s slide will continue and Krizzou makes this competitive.  Meanwhile the Purple Yeti is heading over to Dottie Mae’s for a costume fitting.  Here’s the BCS standings:

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Pick It and Stick It: Spooky Picks

Happy Halloween from the folks here at KCCGD!  It’s Halloween and it just so happens that we are celebrating Pick ’em style. We’ll get to the picks but first the KCCGD got together to come up with what’s especially scary this time of year in college football.  So here’s out spooky picks

That’s bound to get anybody to crap their pants in fear.  Heck I was turtle heading just typing that.  Anywho, here’s the picks:
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Pick It Standings Week 9: Let the Computers Do the Talking

The pickness hits again as it is confirmed that the BCS Standings will be apart of the standings up date from here on out.   Before we discuss our picks and the BCS picks, however, we need to get one thing off our collective chest.  Ever since last week and the announcement of the first picks, we’ve heard about ‘The Computers.’  Is it me or does that just sound silly?  Granted most of that talk comes from the sports media, but whenever that is mentions, it always irks me just a bit.  Here’s why.

‘The Computers’ just spit out the requirements set up by the company/organization/guy who comes up with who the best college football team is at that point in time.  A bunch of math geeks sat down and came up with some statistical way of showing the best.  The computer makes it super fast to calculate that.  Give me a whiteboard and a dry erase marker and I can figure out who is better according to the algorithm.  There is no difference between a whiteboard and a computer in this case.

Most people are stupid (except our readers of course) and most of the sports media tend to be lower than that IQ wise, so whenever I hear some ex jock whine about the magical ‘Computer,’ I just want to reach across the radio waves and flick him in the nut sack.  Jolly gave me some insight at the last barspot, however, quoting Pablo Picasso when he said, “Computers are useless.  They can only give answers.”  Mmmmmm.  Well, I guess for the punditry livelihood it’s okay, but I still don’t like it.  Here’s our Yahoo calculated picks:

Rank Pick Set Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total
1 Cabbottmtf 17 11 9 13 8 11 10 10 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 99
2 Krizzou 16 12 8 11 9 10 6 10 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 90
3 Purple Yeti 14 10 8 10 4 6 6 7 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 74

It looks like we need to contact Yahoo and change the configuration for the Pick ‘Em league as Cabbottmtf is still winning week in and week out.  It looks like the Penn State pick helped him out on that cause.  In the interest of full disclosure, Yahoo also has a tie breaker set up by choosing two games and making you predict the scores.  That’s why last week Krizzou won the week.  For the Purple Yeti to win the week, he will either have to get off his ass and pick for real or use some trickeration to mold the Yahoo Pick settings his way.  Okay after the rant earlier that isn’t gonna but but dang it would make things easier.   So with the new BCS section we have the Week 2 update:
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6 Foot 2 and Nothin’, 230 and Nothin’, and Hardly a Speck of Writing Ability…

Pitch Best of KCCGD

So awhile back ago I was flipping through the Pitch to get a handle on the First Friday for the month of October.  The issue, coincidentally enough, was the best of for 2008.  As I needled my way through the pages, I landed on the best sports blog award.  Now, this is the first I’ve heard of it, and was really surprised to see the winner.  Down by the Line, a KC Wizards soccer blog, won the award.  What?!?! Now I’m not taking anything away from blogger Mike and his passion for a sport that is not dominant here in the KC area,  but how come a college football blog was not awarded?  To answer that question for next year and in the spirit of this election season, I am officially kicking off my campaign to be the Pitch’s Best Sports Blog for 2009.
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Pick It and Stick It: Good Football is Like Good Barbecue

So the Yeti picked up his bro Sasquatch from the airport today and on the way home, there was a special trip to Arthur Bryant’s. The Squatch purposely starved himself to enjoy some great KC barbecue and was ready to tear into it right as we drove off from the drive thru. That got the Yeti thinking. Sometimes when you are around great food you can take it for granted. Football around the KC area can be thought of in the same way. Even though the pro teams are stale like week old bread, the college football around the area is meaty and can be easily put away as leftovers. Sometimes it takes an out of towner to help realize just what kind of full force meal we feast on every Saturday in the Big 12 in the KC area. Here are the picks:
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Barspotting: The Wild West Comes to the Midwest at Arizona’s

This week’s barspot takes us to the western side of the KC area at Arizona’s Neighborhood bar.  I’ve been there a couple of times and I’m looking forward to going back.  The biggest game of the weekend  starts out early Saturday morning, so be ready for the lul in the afternoon.  It’s kinda like the lul in great western movies that we are going through.  I still stand by my postulation that Tombstone was the last great western.  Y’all are welcome to correct me.
When: Saturday October 11, 2008
Where: Arizona’s Neighborhood Bar7182 Renner Rd Shawnee Mission, KS 6621
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Ending the Year on a High Note and Some PBR

So I’m sitting here on the couch contemplating getting ready for the New Year’s Eve rounds I’m making when I realized, “Hey I haven’t posted to the KCCGD in awhile!” Believe it or not, I actually did watch college football in the last month and yes I did go to some bars. I fell off the wagon with holidays and what not and I’m getting a head start on my resolution: posting more to the blog! So, in the offseason there’ll be some new additions and news posts and any other junk that fits our little world here. But for now, I missed a month of football news/updates so I’m about to unload, shotgun style:
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