Barspotting: The Wild West Comes to the Midwest at Arizona’s

This week’s barspot takes us to the western side of the KC area at Arizona’s Neighborhood bar.  I’ve been there a couple of times and I’m looking forward to going back.  The biggest game of the weekend  starts out early Saturday morning, so be ready for the lul in the afternoon.  It’s kinda like the lul in great western movies that we are going through.  I still stand by my postulation that Tombstone was the last great western.  Y’all are welcome to correct me.
When: Saturday October 11, 2008
Where: Arizona’s Neighborhood Bar7182 Renner Rd Shawnee Mission, KS 6621
Time: 11:00 AM SharpGames:

Notes:  Yeee Haw!  It’s the Red River Shootout!  It’s a big one too as the winner should most definitely be the head honcho of the OLLLLE College Football Poll.  I reckon that a close contender to these folk would be the LSU vs. Florida game.  Chances are those two will overshadow the day, but beware for the bushwackin’ Oklahoma State vs Mizzou football game as they can rustle up a whirlwind of trouble.  What better place to set up a wagon circle than Arizona’s