Pick It and Stick It: Captain Obvious to the Rescue!

With the season coming to a close in the next month and the picks becoming sparse, it’s time for Captain Obvious to spring to action in the hopes of making such a light schedule this week entertaining.  Here’s what the ‘ole Cap just emailed today:


 Knowing your situation with college football, I decided to contact you with the thoughts on this week’s college football, obviously.  Here’s my obviously favorite way to communicate my points to you, bullet points:

  • Gary Pinkle is getting a contract extension.  With the Washington job open including other big time schools looking for coaches, Missouri ponies up and its payday for the Pinkle man.
  • BYU vs. Utah is NOT a Holy War.
  • Gary Patterson is still the coach at TCU.  He’s holding his cards but we all know K-State messed up the courtship.  Time to find another partner, Wildcat.
  • The Oklahoma Sooners are beating the Texas Tech Raiders.  Obviously.  59-2 at home under Stoops.  Obviously.
  • This week marks the official Basketball Focus Switch for Kansas University.  They’ve been waiting for weeks, obviously.
  • Ohio State will beat Michigan for the 5 time in a row and a new record loss total for the Wolverines.  It’s obvious that an 8 loss season going against an almost BCS team will be a total mismatch.
  • Cabbottmtf is the winner for Pick It and Stick It and the Purple Yeti is the loser.  He’s obviously rubbing it in for some time now.

I know deep with in my obviously huge heart that your readers will find this entertaining.  If you ever need assistance again, I will contact you.  Obviously because I know when you will need to me save the week.  Tally ho!

-Captain Obvious

Here’s this week’s picks:

Favored Spread Underdog krizzou Cabbottmtf Purple Yeti
OHSt 20.5 Mich Mich Mich Mich
Fla Off (0) Cit Fla Fla Fla
LSU 4 Miss LSU Miss LSU
BoSt 6 Nev BoSt Nev BoSt
Utah 7 BYU BYU Utah BYU
Ariz 2.5 ORSt ORSt ORSt ORSt
Cinc 5 Pitt Pitt Cinc Cinc
FLSt 1 Md FLSt FLSt Md
Okla 7 TexT Okla TexT Okla
      0 0 0

So this week’s offering are lame, or lamye depending on where you’re from.  Cabbottmtf’s is taking the high rank while Krizzou and the Yeti are going chalk with the huge Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech game Saturday night.  The roles are reversed in the Holy War between BYU and Utah.  There’s some love for Rich Rodriquez seeping through as we all went with the Wolverines this week.  Too bad Iowa Sate vs. Kansas State isn’t available if only for a tribute for Ron Prince’s last game.  We here at KCCGD will pick for the Prince and send him off to better ways.  Good luck, Ron, and try not to stomp too hard.