Barspotting: Chanches are We Won’t get Ticketed at Jaywalker’s

Jaywalker’s Sports Bar & Grill

Jaywalkers just happens to be a Kansas University bar.  No really.  So what better time of the year to hit up the place then when the Jayhawks have the week off?  As noted before, we love irony here at the KCCGD and we are game to keep in motion.  Their website says they are the best Big 12 sports bar in KC and we’re gonna put that to the test.  Who knows?  Maybe they will prove to be numero uno.  There’s one thing for sure, the Purple Yeti is eyeballin’ that big ole Sweet 16 burger.
When: Saturday, November 22, 2008
Where: Jaywalker’s Sports Bar & Grill –  3916 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66103
Time: 11 AM Sharp – There’s some huge rivalries going on


Notes:  College Football isn’t done with rivalries and the big daddy for this week is Michigan vs Ohio State.  Seeing as this is the last game the Wolverines will be playing this year, expect a huge game and a close finish.  Meanwhile, BCS wise the match ups look great as we finally get the Texas Tech Red Raiders traveling to Norman to play the Oklahoma Sooners.  This one’s for the potential BCS Championship birth.  There’s a few more Top 25 games to lead up to that gem so we are expecting primo football the whole day.