Ending the Year on a High Note and Some PBR

So I’m sitting here on the couch contemplating getting ready for the New Year’s Eve rounds I’m making when I realized, “Hey I haven’t posted to the KCCGD in awhile!” Believe it or not, I actually did watch college football in the last month and yes I did go to some bars. I fell off the wagon with holidays and what not and I’m getting a head start on my resolution: posting more to the blog! So, in the offseason there’ll be some new additions and news posts and any other junk that fits our little world here. But for now, I missed a month of football news/updates so I’m about to unload, shotgun style:

Some of you may be wonderin’ about the trek to Mcfadden’s welp it ended up being a turd sammich for sports. The bar itself is spacious and roomy. There’s a sprinkle of HD tv’s at the main bar and at some other bar like stations on the lower level, but there’s no big screen tv. Plus, table space was lacking. It seems that they were aiming more for a standing friendly place versus a sitting friendly place. After about 15 minutes, we ended up bailing and going to Paddy O’Quigley’s nearby. I did go back there after checking out the World’s Toughest Cowboy at the Sprint Center and it is a fantastic place to hang out at after dark. My advice would be to drop the “Sports Saloon” from the name.

The Big 12 Championship game from that trek ended up showing how close MU came to joining the big time. Yeah they were number 1 in the country but the Sooners of Oklahoma acted like they’ve been there before and took care of business. They also made a helluva argument for the national title game. Never fear, though, Tiger fans Chase is coming back, Pinkle got a raise, and tomorrow’s game against the Arkansas Razorbacks looks to be the most intriguing matchup of the day.

I think everyone learned a lesson this year with the BCS selections. The right teams lost to enable the bowl selection committees to jack things up. To pick two teams that didn’t even make their conference championship games is absoludicrous. The lesson this year is that the BCS only guarantees the title game. All the other games are matchup based determined by the committees. That’s why we saw a more deserving Missouri Tigers team get the shaft and an underrated Illinois get good ole boyed in. Too many cooks in the kitchen ends up giving you gruel at the dinner table. Once the contract runs out, hopefully they’ll unify things to make more than just the title game automatically determined.

The other wish I have is what Beano has been saying about the older brother conferences in the Pac 10 and the Big 11 10. Basically, he wants the other conferences to gang up on those two bullys and force their hand into the 21st Century. Either have a championship game you two or everybody remove theirs. The former is more ideal because it’s yet another reason to have a game and pump more money into the conference. The retards in the Pac 10 and the Big 11 10 refuse to budge, however, and it’s jacking up things for everyone else. Sure, they talk about tradition, but they left that at the door when they signed to the BCS in the first place. Hey guess what, it took the other conferences to gang up on them for that too. It’s a real easy argument, go along or you’ll be irrelevant.

I really haven’t watched any bowl games this year. It may be just me saving strength for the Jolly watch fest on the New Year’s or the holidays, but my time has been lacking in the bowl department. There have been a couple of attempts, including watching the Texas Longhorns prove how overrated the Arizona State Sun Devils were at the Overtime, but nothing really exciting flashed across my eyes. So far, the regular season of college football has been more exciting than the bowl season. Maybe that will change today and tomorrow. I won’t tonight because I’m getting diesel.

Why oh why did the Jayhawks get into the Orange Bowl? Committee guy said it’s because they had one loss. ONE LOSS. That just opened up the door for even more cupcakes schedules across the nation. Being the Kstater that I am, I understand how it can help. But it’s a one shot. Unless you’re already established, cupcakes do nothing but map out your flash in the pan plan for your program. So we get to see the Hokies of Virginia Tech trounce Kansas for the Orange Bowl. Joy.

There’s not really much to talk about for the Kansas State Wildcats. Last year they were a surprise bowl appearance and this year they showed their colors. Next year, I look to see an improved Josh Freeman and a better shot at winning with more home games from the non-cons. Either that or the same performance and a fired QB coach.

That about wraps it up for this column and this year. Look for more updates coming and more improvements to the sight. Until then, I got me some Canadian Club, some Cactus Juice, and a 12’ver of PBR to ring the New Year. Have a good one and I’ll blog-atcha later.