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Pitch Best of KCCGD

So awhile back ago I was flipping through the Pitch to get a handle on the First Friday for the month of October.  The issue, coincidentally enough, was the best of for 2008.  As I needled my way through the pages, I landed on the best sports blog award.  Now, this is the first I’ve heard of it, and was really surprised to see the winner.  Down by the Line, a KC Wizards soccer blog, won the award.  What?!?! Now I’m not taking anything away from blogger Mike and his passion for a sport that is not dominant here in the KC area,  but how come a college football blog was not awarded?  To answer that question for next year and in the spirit of this election season, I am officially kicking off my campaign to be the Pitch’s Best Sports Blog for 2009.

The Kansas City Wizards are the last real champions here in the area.  They made two MLS cup appearance in 2000 and 2004, with a championship coming in 2000.  The other area local professional teams can’t claim that success in the last 10 years.  The baseball Royals and the professional football Chiefs wish they had that going form them.  So it is nice to see the a local winning team get some love.   But, we here at KCCGD believe that football is king in the Kansas City area and more specifically college football.For the last year and change, the KCCGD crew traveled the area, even going as far as Manhattan and Columbia, to watch college football.  We have witnessed upsets, rivalry shootouts, and even beer tubes.  The joy that comes from watching a last second kick at your favorite local neighborhood bar tops any type of scoring situation in soccer.  The different colors beaming with pride from the shirts of alumni from a wide array of colleges in Kansas City guarantees that every week the smack talk and good ole natured side wagering will always be around.  The food is always better and cheaper than at the stadium.  You get your money’s worth when watching college football.

So when I saw that a soccer blog gets some love, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Hey, what about KC College Gameday?”  Our goal here is to express the local college football experience from every venue here in Kansas City and have great fun in the meantime.  We strive every day to make that expression the best possible.  Now with pictures on location and dropped in clips from YouTube and ESPN video, the experience is more interactive.  We can do more, however.

More reviews will come.  Off season reporting will make a debut.  More interaction with bloggers will come.  Social Media tools will be integrated to help spread the message.  We will make KC College Gameday the best place to go to for college football news, entertainment, and local flavor.  We want the world to know our love for Kansas City and our love for college football.  We accept the challenge to become the best sports blog for the Pitch in 2009.

Note:  Found at the Art of Manliness Post for 8 Inspirational Football Lockerroom Speeches

This is a call to action not only to KCCGD staff, but also to the college football fan on the internet.   Barspotting is a word coined to indicate a stop on our tour of bars in the Kansas City area.  The will affectionately be known as campaign spots as well.  We’re out to get the word out about college football and KCCGD.  Once we prop up more social interaction and hook ups with similar blogs, we will submit and continue to submit to the Pitch to show that we are indeed the best sports blog for the Kansas City area.  Please contribute as much as you can to help grow this turfroots campaign for the KCCGD.

The best neighborhood sports bars need the best blog.  The best sport, college football, needs the best blog.  Kansas City needs the best area blog.  Let’s let the love for all three combine into KC College Gameday and let’s let the world know we have arrived.  Thank you to all who have read and contributed to the KCCGD.  The underdog is scratching and biting.   And its eyes are set on the Pitch Best Sports Blog Award for 2009.