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Mascot Monday: Blackjack and the Mule


This Memorial Day we figured we would take a look back into one of the oldest mascots while paying our respects to the military with a retrospective of the Army Black Knights mule and the more recent Blackjack.  The prospects of Army playing at the new Yankee Stadium also influenced our pick this week, admittedly.  The inclusion of the mule for the Black Knights football team is a great story and the addition of a costumed mascot is a nice side dish to the main mascot course.  KCCGD pays its respects and we hope you take some time today to do as well.

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Mascot Monday: The UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug

UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug

It’s another Mascot Monday and I’m feeling a little slow.  It’s been a long weekend and I’m just trying to catch up to things.  Some would even say I’d be feeling a bit sluggish.  Never fear, for even in mascot-dom there’s a wacky character that can inspire the lethargy deep inside all of us.  I’m of course referring to this week’s featured mascot, the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug!  A relatively young mascot, this yellow buggah has already made waves within the mascot world.
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