Pick It and Stick It: Picking Our Way Through a Quiet Weekend

I have to admit, it’s feeling a little vacuous around KCCGD headquarters. All of the excitement from last week’s Ron Prince firing has died down to hearsay from family members. The next biggest game of the year courtesy of the Big 12 is next week. The biggest game this week comes from Lawrence and the Talk isn’t expecting much from the game. What’s left to do? Well in the lull times of football games you really are left up to the activities a bar has while you watch the mismatches play. Sometimes the games at a bar can be the saving grace to day of poor college football watching. Let’s hope that Dirk’s comes through as I’m bringing some extra quarters in preparation. Here’s this week’s picks:

Favored Spread Underdog krizzou Cabbottmtf Purple Yeti
Cinc 3.5 Loui Cinc Cinc Cinc
OHSt 9.5 Ill OHSt Ill OHSt
PSU 36 Ind Ind PSU Ind
Tex 13 Kan Tex Tex Kan
UGa 8.5 Aub Aub UGa UGa
ORSt 3 Cal Cal ORSt ORSt
Fla 22.5 SCar SCar Fla SCar
BoSt 36.5 Ida BoSt BoSt BoSt
Mo 28 IASt Mo IASt Mo
USC 23 Stan Stan USC USC
Ala 22 MSSt MSSt Ala Ala
OKSt 17 Colo OKSt OKSt OKSt
LSU 18 Troy Troy LSU LSU
Tuls 4.5 Hou Tuls Tuls Tuls
Utah 30 SDSU SDSU Utah Utah
      0 0 0

Krizzou’s bucking some trends in the hope of coming back from Cabbottmtf’s lead, while the Purple Yeti is going out on the limb picking Jayhawks to at least cover the spread.  Maybe in the next two weeks, Cabbottmtf might get sick or the interwebs refuse to work for him in the hopes of making the final stretch a little more competitive.  Maybe the Yeti can dial up his cousin the Squatch to head toward western Kansas and scare the bejeebus out Cabbottmtf.  Seriously, that’s the kind of mojo needed to put someone over the top beside Cabbottmtf.  Well played season, Cabbottmtf, but it’s not over yet.  Time to get some beef jerkey.