Barspotting: Making a Grand Fool of Ourselves at the Granfalloon

The Granfalloon

This week, we’re making a quick pit stop the Granfalloon.  The only memories I remember of this place is being a crowded multi room bar.  After further inspection on their website, it seems like they have a pretty good amount of HD flat screens for barspotting.  So why not give it a shot.  The Big 12 Championship is at 7pm so hopefully we squeeze on in there.  This is the last barspot before bowl season, so we hope it’s a good one.

When: Saturday, December 6th 2008
Where: The Granfalloon608 Ward Pkwy Kansas City, MO 64112
Time: 7:00 PM – for the only real game of the weekend

* All games played on a neutral site

Notes: It’s Championship game weekend and we are ready for the final countdown to the BCS title game.  It’s Missouri’s to upset and Oklahoma’s to seal its deal.  You also have Alabama taking on Florida in the other mega matchup of the day for the SEC title.  Toss in some rivalries like Navy against Army and USC against UCLA and you have one helluva weekend of football.  It’s been a great regular season and this final weekend is no different.  I still don’t know who to cheer for.