Pick It and Stick It: Championship Weak

Here we go into the last week of picks and its rather anti-climatic.  Not only for the Pick It and Stick It season, but also for the Championship games.  The Mizzou and Oklahoma game was hyped up big as a rematch at the beginning of the year.  After the Tigers choked off a couple of games and the Sooners backed their way into the title game,  it seems more of a like chore now than it does a big match up.  Maybe KU beating Mizzou last week had something to do with it.  At any rate, the focus will be on the SEC title for the day and I somehow wish that they swapped times to save the better game for the last of the evening.  Though really the last game of the evening is Cinncy at Hawaii and I’m not sure advertisers would like the time slot.  Well at least we have a whole seven picks for this week.  Here they are:

Favored Spread Underdog krizzou Cabbottmtf Purple Yeti
BaSt 14.5 Buf N/A BaSt BaSt
Conn 2.5 Pitt N/A Pitt Pitt
Fla 9.5 Ala N/A Fla Fla
Okla 16.5 Mo N/A Mo Mo
Cinc 7 Haw N/A Cinc Cinc
0 0 0

Krizzou once again is lounging around basking in her second place finish.  We don’t blame her, however, as the picks are small enough this week that there is no chance for change.  Obama would be sad.  So this week, it’s head to head with the Purple Yeti and Cabbottmtf.  Low and behold, the only difference between the two is the ACC Championship game with Va Tech going against Boston College.  This is the first mention of the ACC here at KCCGD headquarters, so it will be a toss up going into the game.  Hey at least we picked Missouri to cover.