GameDay: BCS and Quick Return Programs


Believe it or not, I’m a big supporter of the current BCS system.  Anymore I see major complaints coming from sports writers who lack the creativity to come up with something compelling.  Either that or they think they control college football like baseball writers.  At any rate, the major beef from them nowadays comes in the form of mid-conference teams not getting a fair shot.  You see Utah and Boise State lifted up high as a examples that the system doesn’t work.  I’m not so sure about that but there is something that’s happening this week that is making me take a second look.

Most of the big time clamor for prestige this week spews from Miami returning as an elite program.  Before the season started, nobody thought much of Miami and really just poo-pooed the ACC as a whole.   A couple of wins later and all of the sudden the ‘U’ is back and badder than ever.  From an afterthought to holy champions went a team that used to have a winning tradition.  You don’t really see that in small or middle size conferences.

When people think of Utah or Boise State, do they think of a traditional powerhouse?  Nope.  Usually they think of whiners and a team with a  blue field, respectively.  So the same sports media that complains about the smaller teams not getting the fair share are the same ones that anointed Miami so damn fast.  Did they forget about the smaller teams?  Probably not.  But they do fail to take into account what makes a team a national title contender: tradition.   If the smaller schools when year in and year out more often, then maybe they do have a legitimate argument.  Until, then it’s just screaming in the wind.

Personally, I miss Miami.  Not because of them winning, but because I hated them so much.  It’s kind of like an old villain that pops up in a comic book after a long time away.  You can remember how much you hated them and rekindle the flame.   Now whether they win today against Virginia Tech is another story, but at least you know who I’ll be going for.  Go Hokies!  And pipe down Utah and Boise State.