Pick It Standings 2010 Week 01: Short and Sweet

Alrighty, welcome to the first standings update for the Pick It and Stick It of 2010.  We’re going to switch things up a bit this year.  Last year,  we broke the design of the site and our fingers trying to just map out what happened each week and who did what.  In the end, we realized that most people just cared who was winning and didn’t care about anything else.  So we’re blowing away the Weekly Picks and just reporting the standings.  If you want to check out the full stats, click on the ‘Standings’ link and it will take you to our group.  If you want to see more, please sing up and play along too.  No worries though as we’ll still touch on the highlights of the weekend’s picks and events.  So here’s the Standings:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts Dropped Pts W-L
1 Sonny Boy Sweetcakes 495 0 21-14
2 Snyder In Syder 461 0 21-14
3 NU = Benedict Arnold p#@$ies 447 0 18-17
4 forget to make the picks 446 0 21-14
5 Huskers all the way 444 0 18-17
6 krizzou 409 0 17-18
7 JOOSE 0 0 0-35

So here’s how it shook down.  The Off bets on the spread cleared the house except for the embarrassing loss that Kansas suffered against North Dakota State.  Notre Dame and Purdue got our first push of the year out of the way.  Most of the major players covered their spread except the big dogs from the Big 12.  Both Texas and Oklahoma failed to cover their spread over the weekend.  Nebraska, on the other hand covered it fairly well.  The call of the week goes to Snyder In Syder for picking Miami of Ohio to stay close to Florida’s sputtering defense.  Snyder In Syder also gets the blown call of the week for picking San Jose State to keep within the spread against the number one team in the country, Alabama.

So that’s our quick capsule recap.  We hope it’s a little easier to swallow.  Sign up and get your picks in to compete or watch the finer points of Pick It and Stick It.  We’ll try to add in some more analysis to the games but to begin with we’ll do the format change and then talk about the picks briefly.  The new set should be out tomorrow and we’ll be ready click when it does.