Pick It Standings 2010 Week 02: Hey! Wah Happened?

Alrighty Week 2 of college football happened and we still don’t know what happened.  Yup, there were some major blowouts, but not from the teams we expected.  The FCS schools reared its ugly head and knocked out some schools (including at top 25 team).  So how would that affect the pick set?  Welp, just about as a bad as Kansas losing to North Dakota State or Virginia Tech losing the James Madison (the school, not the president).  Thankfully, we have some rules set up to account for bad weeks.  Click on through to find out.

Rank Pick Set Name Wk 1 Wk 2 Total Pts Dropped Pts
1 Sonny Boy Sweetcakes 495 333 495 333
2 NU = Benedict Arnold pussies 462 296 462 296
3 Snyder In Syder 461 289 461 289
4 forget to make the picks 446 208 446 208
5 Huskers all the way 444 347 444 347
6 krizzou 409 327 409 327
7 JOOSE 0 293 293 0

Notice all of the strikethroughs?  We are dropping the two weakest weeks for picks this year.  Doing so will help encourage alot of the peeps to participate late in the season.  So as you can tell, most of the points did not change from last week.  That’s because we all sucked pretty hard.  Except for JOOSE that is.  He actually made picks so he picked up about 293 points.  Good job for being on time.  Some of those low scores will come back and bite people, like the 208 put up by ‘forget to make the picks.’

So what did happen?  We mentioned Virginia Tech giving up earlier.  That killed everyone.  Kansas surprising everyone and beating Georgia Tech knocked off a pick.  Everyone also thought that West Virginia would rule rival Marshall.  Now, there were some good picks too.  Huskers all the way had the Troy pick against Oklahoma State.  Krizzou was the only one that picked the beat down that Oklahoma put on Florida State.  So it wasn’t a complete wash.  Just a combination of bad picks and less total points for confidence really.