Pick It Standings Week 06: Part Design Part Luck

This week’s standings are in and we are still figuring out just how to work the angles.  Starting out, it made sense that we made the picks a little more hardcore.  Picking just one team over the other seemed way to simple to the kind of fans that lurk around these parts.  Oh, we’re glad we set it up the way we did, but we sure are reminded today that we can’t fall asleep at the wheel.  The weekly picks by design are supposed to affect the overall but it doesn’t seem that way.  Much like Les Miles crazy fake field goal that eventually put LSU over Florida.  Pick It and Stick is part design, part luck.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 Sonny Boy Sweetcakes 1499 337 71-62
2 Huskers all the way 1441 302 71-62
3 NU = Benedict Arnold pussies 1437 300 70-63
4 Snyder In Syder 1424 365 69-64
5 krizzou 1407 312 72-61
6 forget to make the picks 1373 300 70-63
7 JOOSE 1240 156 69-57

So here we have Sonny Boy Sweetcakes in a major lead after six weeks, even though he ended up fourth in the weekly pick last week.  Hey, if you check out the overall win/loss column, Krizzou should be winning with everyone else bunched up behind.  Yes, confidence points makes a difference while making you put in effort.  It’s hard league but that’s the way we, or at least I, like it.  Here at Pick It and Stick It, you need to put your money where your mouth is.

JOOSE was the only guy that actually had his points count this week as he won the week with 209 points.  He’s coming up from behind.  The only pick we all missed this week as Washington State making Oregon’s game just a little closer than the 36 point spread.  Nobody could agree to get the same pick right this week.  No matter, we’re all bunched in and it looks as though this may come down to the last week.

Good job by JOOSE again on the Georgia pick as everyone wrote off the Bulldogs after they got beat by Colorado the week before.  Krizzou had California as well as everyone else was feeling patriotic with Air Force.   Sonny Boy Sweetcakes had Kentucky making the Auburn game close.  But then again, he misfired on the Boston College pick over NC State.  JOOSE also drank the Denard Robinson kool-aid and watched the better team in Michigan State beat his pick.  Bot misses cost the players at least 25 points.  That’s how we roll.