Pick It and Stick It: Snot Rockets

The Big 12 used to be known for high scoring shoot outs. This year sees a return to defense as either the stars moved away to the NFL or schools coached up their kids. The only two top 10 offenses in college football this year that come from the Big 12 are Baylor and Oklahoma State. Guess who happens to play each other tomorrow? That game will be a shootout and is for the top spot in the Big 12 South. This year is turning out to be majorly weird. Don’t let that vex you as we set you up for this week’s Pick It and Stick It.

Final Status (CDT)
@Clemson vs (23)N.C. State 3.5 Sat 11/06 11:00am
@Miami (FL) vs Maryland 8.0 Sat 11/06 11:00am
@Syracuse vs Louisville 6.0 Sat 11/06 11:00am
(15)Iowa vs @Indiana 17.0 Sat 11/06 11:00am
@Michigan vs Illinois 3.0 Sat 11/06 11:00am
@(16)Michigan St. vs Minnesota 24.0 Sat 11/06 11:00am
(7)Wisconsin vs @Purdue 20.0 Sat 11/06 11:00am
Air Force vs @Army 6.5 Sat 11/06 11:00am
@(19)Oklahoma St. vs (22)Baylor 7.5 Sat 11/06 11:30am
@(3)Auburn vs Chattanooga Off (0) Sat 11/06 12:00pm
Colorado vs @Kansas 8.5 Sat 11/06 01:00pm
@(24)Florida St. vs North Carolina 10.0 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
(9)Nebraska vs @Iowa St. 19.0 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
@Penn St. vs Northwestern 6.0 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
@(1)Oregon vs Washington 35.0 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
(5)Alabama vs @(12)LSU 6.5 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
(4)TCU vs @(6)Utah 4.5 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
@East Carolina vs Navy 3.0 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
@(2)Boise St. vs Hawaii 21.0 Sat 11/06 02:30pm
(25)Nevada vs @Idaho 11.5 Sat 11/06 04:00pm
Oregon St. vs @UCLA 5.5 Sat 11/06 06:00pm
@(18)South Carolina vs (17)Arkansas 4.0 Sat 11/06 06:00pm
(11)Oklahoma vs @Texas A&M 3.0 Sat 11/06 06:00pm
Texas vs @Kansas St. 3.5 Sat 11/06 07:00pm
@(10)Stanford vs (13)Arizona 9.5 Sat 11/06 07:00pm
(14)Missouri vs @Texas Tech 4.5 Sat 11/06 07:00pm
@USC vs Arizona St. 5.5 Sat 11/06 09:30pm

That Baylor and Oklahoma State sits at a 7.5 favor for the Cowboys.  It’s going to be a high scoring game and I don’t think it will be that far apart.  Somehow Colorado has an 8.5 favorite over Kansas at Kansas.  Decent teams can put up big points against the Jayhawks.  Colorado is a bad team.  That should be closer.  What shouldn’t be closer is the Nebraska and Iowa State game.  Sure the Cyclones beat the Huskers last year, but they needed the help of 7 turnovers.  This will be a blowout.  The other Big 12 games all should be about where the lines are, even though Kansas State has some great history against Texas.

Auburn will have an easy battle against Chattanooga.  Oregon’s back into massive point spreads with a whopping 35 point favor over in conference foe Washington.  The next closest just happens to be Boise State over Hawaii.  Is that because Hawaii will come to the mainland?  Michigan State begins to rebound against a pretty poor and new coached Minnesota.  Meanwhile, quiet Wisconsin looks to drop at least 20 over Purdue.  Believe it or not, but there’s no real too close to call games this week.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to see some games that get to be too close.