GameDay: Waking Up Early

Before college football, I would never make it out of bed before 10 AM on Saturdays.  Nowadays, I’m up and around at the gym before 10 AM so I can squeeze in a workout before the games.  Does getting older mean getting up earlier to be able to watch more football?  Or is it just the fact that there’s so much football, they have to cram it in between all the cracks of the non work schedule?  Any way I look at it, I know I will slugging down more coffee to keep up.  Getting older is fun.

When I was a little Yeti, school would wipe me out so much that I almost always had to sleep in on Saturdays.  I’d get up just in time for my favorite cartoons, but the TV also knew that the primetime was the late morning for cartoons.  Now that I’m older, I still get wiped out from work and love the fact that I can still sleep in on Saturday mornings.  That usually changes when college football season hits.

I’m not the greatest Big 10 fan, in fact I hate the conference.  But it always seemed strange to me that most of the Big 10 action takes place at 11 AM in the mornings.  Is it because of the storied tradition up in Northeast-Midwest?  I’m not sure.  I think it’s because the fan base is so old up there that they are usually halfway done with their day by the time kickoff rolls around.  Now the Big 12 has one or two games slated at 11 AM, but that’s because they want to stretch the games across the whole day.  Is the Big 10 way of life my future?

I sure hope not.  There’s plenty of football to last through 10 PM on Saturdays and I want to be able to enjoy all of them.  10 PM may be way past most Big 10 fans bedtimes.  I don’t want to have to chug as much coffee as I do beer to be able to handle all of the games.  Being able to see all of the games is the ultimate bar experience, falling asleep in the bar is not.

Is there any real insight I’m providing or am I living up to the fact that I’m getting older?  It’s probably a mixture of both.  I might as well enjoy the few times I have left on sleeping in.  Waking up way past the sun with a loved one in your bed is one of the best feelings ever.  Fortunately for me, this week is Daylight Savings time so I get an extra Sunday morning.   Now back to the action.