Pick It And Stick It: Better Late Than Never

Okay, so it’s a little late, but I was enthralled with the bevy of college football that was on a Friday.  So I apologize for being late, but it’s better than never.   I know everyone out there was sitting there wondering just what the latest pick set was available in between the football and more football today.  Welp, we had some picks for today come and go but we also have some ready to  rock for tomorrow.  If you got the time like I do on this long Thanksgiving Day Weekend, then check out the picks and see how you’ve fared.

Final Status (CST)
(15)Missouri vs @Kansas Off (0) Sat 11/27 11:30am
Louisville vs @Rutgers 3.0 Loui 40, Rut 13
@Pittsburgh vs West Virginia 3.0 WVU 35, Pitt 10
@(9)Alabama vs (2)Auburn 4.5 Aub 28, Ala 27
@(16)Nebraska vs Colorado 16.5 Neb 45, Colo 17
@(1)Oregon vs (20)Arizona 19.0 Ore 48, Ariz 29
(3)Boise St. vs @(19)Nevada 14.0 BoSt 30 – Nev 24
@Syracuse vs Boston Coll. 3.0 Sat 11/27 11:00am
@(13)Virginia Tech vs Virginia 23.0 Sat 11/27 11:00am
@(8)Ohio St. vs Michigan 17.0 Sat 11/27 11:00am
(11)Michigan St. vs @Penn St. 1.0 Sat 11/27 11:00am
@Connecticut vs Cincinnati 1.0 Sat 11/27 11:00am
@Tennessee vs Kentucky 2.5 Sat 11/27 11:21am
@(22)Florida St. vs Florida 2.0 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
(21)N.C. State vs @Maryland 2.5 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
(24)Iowa vs @Minnesota 15.5 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
@(5)Wisconsin vs Northwestern 23.0 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
@California vs Washington 7.0 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
@(12)Arkansas vs (6)LSU 3.5 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
@(23)Utah vs BYU 9.0 Sat 11/27 02:30pm
(4)TCU vs @New Mexico 43.5 Sat 11/27 03:00pm
Kansas St. vs @North Texas 14.0 Sat 11/27 03:00pm
(18)South Carolina vs @Clemson 2.5 Sat 11/27 06:00pm
(25)Mississippi St. vs @Mississippi 2.5 Sat 11/27 06:00pm
@(7)Stanford vs Oregon St. 13.5 Sat 11/27 06:30pm
@Georgia vs Georgia Tech 13.5 Sat 11/27 06:45pm
@(10)Oklahoma St. vs (14)Oklahoma 2.5 Sat 11/27 07:00pm
@USC vs Notre Dame 4.0 Sat 11/27 07:00pm
@Texas Tech vs Houston 9.5 Sat 11/27 07:00pm

You know, I’m writing this as Boise State and Nevada are duking it out. It seems that overtime may be the right time for each team. I’m hoping that Nevada wins so it will push up TCU into the title race. Meanwhile, a couple of games came and went including the exciting finish Iron Bowl and Auburn’s run to a title game. Nebraska handled Colorado so tomorrow’s Border War between Missouri and Kansas will be a grudge match. Look for the Tigers to make a statement.  The only other big game in my mind is the Bedlam Series with Oklahoma State holding onto a 2.5 favor over Oklahoma.  It will be that close and I’ll be ready to cheer on the Cowpokes tomorrow night.  That’s right, a full day of college football followed up by another full day of college football.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!.