Crib Sheet: It’s Starting to Get Drafty In Here

The NFL Draft is coming up quick, no matter how weird it is, and will blow by even faster.  This week’s Crib Sheet is just as windy.  And it’s almost as windy as the weather is outside in the KC metro area.  Hold on tight:

  • Northern Illinois linebacker Devon Butler was involved in a drive by shooting when he was visiting friends in an apartment last week.  He’s been in critical condition but has been upgraded to serious.  They caught the guys and they’ll go to jail.
  • South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia was suspended indefinitely from the program after violating unspecified team rules.  He’s been suspended five times since he’s shown up on campus and it might be trouble for the ole ball coach Steve Spurrier.
  • Southern University athletic director Greg LaFleur got the boot after being caught soliciting naughtiness from an undercover police officer.  There’s alot naughtiness going on the Crib Sheet this week, I wonder if it will continue?
  • Aw damn, I guess it does.  Another person involved with the Kansas ticket scandal gets 46 months in prison.  Thomas Blubaugh will also have to dole out about $1.1 million as well.  Here I thought there would never be Blubaughs in prison.
  • This is a little better.  Michael Floyd of Notre Dame got a stern looking at, and not a boot off the team, for his third alcohol related offense.  CBS’s Dennis Dodd points out all of the other former players who got the boot for doing less.   I guess the Fighting Irish is ready to start competing again.
  • Oh I get it, we’re going from bad to good news.  The NFL and NCAA is warning players of the rules violation gotchas for current players sniffing around draft events.  We all do not want to see the future of the NFL get burned in eligibility because their pro buddy flew them out to meet Waka Flacka.
  • Speaking of no-nos, the NCAA is also warning coaches and schools about signing up for  Low and behold, they try to get a competitive edge against the other schools that pay an even higher dollar to different companies for the same information.
  • The University of Texas San Antoino’s football team will get its own reality tv show this fall.  It’s based on HBO’s Hard Knocks but will have the college flavor.  Please, seriously please don’t put and Jersey Shore people on there.
  • Okay now we are getting into some happy news.  Meineke is taking over sponsorship for the Texas Bowl this year.  I wonder what they are going to call it?  Not the Texas Bowl.  Maybe the Meinike Fix Your Rig Up Texas Bowl.  That sounds about right.
  • Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel gets a 2 year extension with a bump in pay for his assistants.  You know, with the basketball issues the Tigers are having, it was the right time for Pinkel to step in and get a cut for his people.
  • Finally some really great news.  Oklahoma State’s over 40 year old head coach Mike Gundy and his wife will set up a scholarship for the quarterbacks.  Seeing as Gundy himself used to be a quarterback, it makes sense that he contributes to that position’s development.  It’s also pretty smart recruiting wise.