Crib Sheet: Trying to Remember Memorial Day

I’m recovered from Memorial Day, thanks to some fresh water and aloe vera.  I did my part in taking a day of rest to recognize all of the great things our troops have done for America for its young history.  I hope you did the same.  Now I didn’t rest too much as the Crib Sheet must still keep chucking along.  Here’s week’s edition:

  • I was going to hold off on this but the momentum is finally swelling.  Former Michigan quarterback has Kansas State on his list of possible places to transfer too.  He wasn’t as good Denard Robinson but then again not many people are.  I’m not sure how good of a fit he would be for the Wildcats, but they do seem to have a ton of transfers already so who knows?  That is, of course, if they can ignore the crazy stuff Tate does off the field.
  • We also have another quarterback ready to transfer.  This time it’s Nebraska’s Cody Green.  It seems there’s no logical way for him to start next year thanks to Taylor Martinez so he’s gonna try his luck somewhere else.  Kansas State?  Right?
  • So West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen did something naughty at a local casino and has publicly apologized for it.  What he did?  No one will say.  I’m thinking that alcohol had some influence on this.  You gotta learn how to control that, Dana.
  • It seems the idea of paying players more is gaining momentum.   The topic will be of conversation when the NCAA goes on retreat with college administrators in August.  It might not happen this year, but look for something to move here in the next 3 years.
  • The trouble for Ohio State is blowing up.  This week’s updates include the car salesman who said that every one of his great deals for players were cleared by the compliance officer at Ohio State.  Yeah the compliance officer will be canned for sure now.
  • Jim Tressel’s doing his part by resigning. Yup, the BCS winning head coach is out of Ohio State.  It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen.  How much do you want to bet that the players who promised to come back and play this year don’t, especially Terrelle Pryor?  It’s tougher than you think, all because of the NFL’s woes right now.  Luke Fickell is your Ohio State interim head coach.
  • Kansas defensive coordinator Carl Torsbrush retired due to his complications with cancer.  I hope he recovers and see him back on the sidelines real soon.