Crib Sheet: It’s That Pre-Time Again

Two things this week made me realize college football is right around the corner.  First, Phil Steele’s College Football Preview for 2011 went on sale yesterday.  Second, the Crib Sheet has over 15 news items this week.  It’s coming, so get ready.  But first the Crib Sheet:

  • The Big 12 meetings were last week and it just wasn’t as exciting as it was last year.  One of the hot topics are paying players more, but every other conference has talked about that already.  They did, however, vote to increase the revenue for the lower tier teams.  That means schools like Kansas State will get a percentage bump over the last agreement.  That’s great news for everyone.  Although I think the higher teams will get their due because of the now smaller sized league.  Oh and there’s no new logo either for the Big 12.
  • Missouri’s football team will head to Joplin, Missouri to help with the cleanup from the tornado that blew away the town a couple of weeks ago.  Not to be out done, Arkansas football players will help as well.  It’s goodwill spread around folks, bask in it then help too.
  • Now that the cross hairs are fully square on Terrelle Pryor, we find out that he’s been driving around town with a suspended license.  I’m still undecided whether or not the smoke will turn to fire on this guy.  His lawyer is fanning the flames with a purchase agreement for the car he was stopped in, also claiming to have his license cleared up by next month.  Or he could just go for the NFL.  Oh wait, he did!
  • South Carolina’s Ole Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, suggested what I’ve been touting as well: that they pay the players.  But he wants it differently and have them played for each game.  It’s an interesting take, but I’m not sure anyone will buy into it, pun intended.
  • On the flip side, Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne is asking fans to help report any misdoings by players.  Not murders and bullying and such, but improper NCAA regulations and stuff.  Who’s really going to turn these guys in?  Either the jealous types or the geeks who think the money should be for the school.
  • It’s a good thing the NCAA head honcho Mark Emmert is kicking off a task force to investigate Division I Bowl licensing.  Included on the task force is Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe.  Let’s see what kind of red tape comes from this song and dance.
  • The Kansas Jayhawks new defensive coordinator is corner backs Vic Shealy.  If you remember Carl Torbush retired after announcing he had cancer.  They also hired Vantz Singletary, former Kansas State stand out in the late 80s and son of NFL Hall of Famer as well as former San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary.  I would normally complain about how Kansas poaches talent from the Wildcats but it was so long ago that Vantz played there that I’m just happy he got a new job.
  • The BCS will meet with the Justice Department regarding antitrust issues around the organization.  They say they are going to meet once.  My guess is that it will turn out to be about ten.
  • Joe Montana’s kid, Nate, got a DUI.  Ruh roh.  I can’t remember if his dad ever got into legal trouble.  Nate pleaded not guilty but his recent history at Notre Dame may not help his case.
  • The SEC had its meetings and they voted to limit scholarships to 25, in the hopes of curbing over-signing.  They also axed special cases for graduate students.  Well, you can’t have everything.  It also fully shows that the SEC is dedicated to sports more than education.
  • Northwest Missouri State head football coach Scott Bostwick died of a heart attack.  My condolences goes out to his friends and family.
  • Indianapolis gets to host the very first Big 10 Championship Game.  This was by no way a surprise.
  • Former USC assistant coach Todd McNair sued the NCAA last week stating that their actions with the Reggie Bush scandal caused him to lose his job.  The NCAA didn’t have a chance to respond because they were busy stripping USC of the 2004 BCS Championship.  How many of you think the same thing will happen to Auburn in about 7 years?
  • Check out the Mountain West Conference’s new logo.  While you’re at it, lay your ears on their slogan, “This is our time.”  Yes, that’s right.  It’s time to hear big talk from a mid-con that’s been a stepping stone for teams to get to the big time.
  • Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals drafted Nebraska recruit Bubba Starling in the 5th round of the baseball draft.  Please, Bubba, go to baseball.  There’s more money there and you won’t get beat up as much.  Well, not to mention that it hurts Nebraska too.
  • Just in case the season gets all weird for the NFL, the Sugar reached out and requested to move their bowl game to January 3rd.  Now if they could only go back and play all of the games on New Years Day.  That would be sweet.