Crib Sheet: A Hundred and Ten in the Shady Offseason

While I’m battling record heat here in my first summer in Austin, it seems college football is battling an offseason of corruption.  At least that’s what it seems like.  I think it’s more that the year before we all thought conferences (including the Big 12) were gonna blow up.  Now everything is safe, things are going back to normal.  That includes kids and coaches breaking rules.  Let’s break on over to this week’s Crib Sheet and find out some more:

  • Texas defensive lineman Sam Acho is your Big 12 Sportsperson of the Year.  He was a beast on the field and volunteered off.  It also looks like he didn’t take any sports agent money.  Good job, guy.
  • Speaking of Texas, the Longhorn Network put out an update on a couple of shows for the channel.  Mainly it’s all Mack Brown with some version of ESPN College GameDay to kick off two hours before kick off.  I’ll find out first hand down here in Austin to see if it’s what people are really geared  up for.  It seems like a national coverage pregame would help fill out the rest of the day instead of just talking about one team.
  • Iowa State football players made lunch for the construction workers building the new video board.  There’s nothing like feeding a couple of burly dudes some hot dogs to get them moving faster.
  • The NCAA put out a report that showed schools are making more profit in college football and that schools who have football programs generally make more money than the one who don’t have football programs.  It’s moneyball more than ever now.  You can especially tell because the government is getting involved and sniffing around.
  • Oregon coach Chip Kelly suspended Cliff Harris for his citation for driving over 100mph and with a suspended license.  There’s also some questions as to where Harris got the car that he sped in.  Oregon’s been through this before with other players and they generally come out better once the wade through the rough stuff.
  • That said, the documents released Monday shows that recruiter Will Lyles got paid $25K from the Ducks in 2010 and handed them over recruiting data that was dated 2009.  Oh, and somehow Lache Seastrunk, whom was in close with Lyles, signed with Oregon.  Yikes, this doesn’t bode well for Oregon, who I think will be getting a visit from the NCAA soon.
  • University of New Mexico football player DeShon Marman was arrested on an airplane for refusing to pull up his baggy pants.  WTF?  I’m torn on this issue.  On one hand it could be an abuse of power.  On the other hand, it could be someone has a huge chip on their shoulder.  My take is this:  if the TSA was alright with his butt crack showing then he should’ve been able to fly on the plane.
  • Daymond Patterson and AJ Steward from Kansas are having a little fun in the offseason.  Mark May from ESPN apparently didn’t like it. So DP and AJ started a beef with Mr. May.  This should be some fun for the next couple of weeks.  Oh yes, it’s gonna be a showdown.
  • Gene Chizik wrote a book about going undefeated at Auburn and told the story of his departure from Iowa State.  It was crazy to begin with that the Tigers hired Chizik away from a program that was below .500 but  everyone looks like geniuses now.  Poor Iowa State.  Let’s hope Paul Rhoads is in it for the long haul and turn around a program that, frankly, has no hope of ever turning around.
  • The bowl schedule is out, read all about it!  If you just want the Big 12 flavor, David Ubben summarizes it nicely.  He’s right about how weird it will be to try to fill all those spots with 10 teams.  There will be a team with a losing Big 12 record going to a bowl this year.
  • Okay so the Ohio State compliance officer received a courtesy car from a dealership owned by a football playing alumni.  Okay, this is ridiculous.  Ohio State is going to get hit hard, espicially if more news like this comes out.  Jeebus.
  • Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon mentions that having a mascot was brought up but they aren’t going for it.  You know, mascots are about tradition and it seems a school like Michigan has too much tradition by now to start a new one.  It’s a shame too, because I need more mascots for Mascot Monday.
  • It looks like North Dakota and NCAA will be butting heads for much longer on the policy of indian names and college teams.  If everyone in the state wants it, why should the school get punished?  It seems weird to me.
  • There will be some more research toward improving helmet safety, with the National Organizing Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment doling out $2.5 million in grants.  The more we can do to protect against concussions, the better.
  • The big time conference commissioners get paid big time money, to ensure that the teams they represent can rake in big time money.  Do you see the pattern there?  It shoulnb’t be surprise.  Heck even coaches who were let go make just as much.