Crib Sheet: The Football Drought is Almost Over

I know, I know, the summer heat based themes keep on coming. I’m still getting acclimated to the high climate down here and it’s all that’s on my brain. Some would say I’m in a drought for college football. Relief is right around the corner but as of now I’m super parched. Grab a glass a water for me and check out this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • University of North Carolina football player filed suit against the NCAA for its academic practices and the NCAA plans on defending the whole process. The main argument is that McAdoo got in trouble at school for getting too much help from a tutor but McAdoo believes he shouldn’t have been permanently banned from the field. If it was getting too much help, then he shouldn’t be banned. If it was cheating then yeah I can understand that. Then again, the NCAA let a bunch of Ohio State players play in the Sugar Bowl yet they banned this get for getting help. Maybe this lawsuit has good merit.
  • Donate a ton of money to a college and you will get honored at some point. Oklahoma State did just that by honoring oil and energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens. He gets the CEO Coach of the Year Award. I hope it’s more than just a wood plaque and a name scribbled on it.
  • Missouri keeps the hits coming with yet a top 15 rated quarterback commitment by the name of Marty Mauk. The neat thing is that they pulled him from Ohio. It may still be crowded as Tyler Gabbert apparently left Louisville and may be coming back to Tigers town. You know, if he could burn up the field instead of burning bridges he wouldn’t have this problem. Why would Pinkel welcome that kid back now that he’s got Mauk?
  • ESPN blogger extraordinaire David Ubben points out a series of articles on the Big 12’s new website chronicling the conference realignment drama of 2010. This is a must read. It seems Dan Beebe had plenty of scenarios planned but didn’t expect Colorado to leave. It also talks about he went to TV, ESPN that is, first and basically saved the conference from there. Here I though the drama was most felt here on this blog.
  • Check out the kick ass media wall Missouri put up. Man I need to have one of those things installed in my living room, but with a more Kansas State feel to it, you know?
  • Big time Texas recruit Quincy Russell is too stupid to play this year. He’ll go to a JUCO and hopefully get his grades up. It’s not about the athletics, kids. Don’t be too dumb to play. That’s my PSA for the week.
  • So Jim Tressel will himself appear at an NCAA infractions committee next month. He’s sucking on the tail pipe of the bus Ohio State threw under pretty hard now. Who can blame Ohio State? They came out and self imposed a bunch of penalties, including vacating all of last year’s wins and the Sugar Bowl. You know, the same bowl that they sweet talked the NCAA to allow the naughty players to play in. Here’s the kicker, they won’t return the Big 10 Championship rings. Well duh, they sold them on eBay already. Sheesh what a bunch of num-nutted criminals up there.
  • It’s already starting to affect Ohio State’s position with recruits. Their top 2012 recruit, Kyle Kalis switched to the dark side and committed to the Michigan Wolverines. It’s not that they lost a top talent, it’s that it went to their rival. Ohio State’s chances are not looking good for success anytime soon.
  • Speaking of violations, the NCAA put West Virginia on probation due to the nice work of West Virginia self imposing penalties themselves. It’s a sweet probation, too. They lose one scholarship and can still go to a bowl. Man that lottery ball popped up nicely for the Mountaineers.
  • Mike Leach’s book is finally coming out and he gets to tell his side of the story on the Adam James debacle. Not surprisingly, he dumps all over the entitlement work ethic of the Craig James spawn. I’m on his side on this one as I feel he got a bad deal from Texas Tech.