Pick It Standings 2011 Week 01: Right Out of the Gate

Ahh yes, after a nice long holiday weekend, it’s time to sit back and reflect on how awesome week 1 of college football was.  Well, that and break on out the Pick It and Stick It Standings.  The confidence points are out and picking against the spread is in.  So we can’t rest too easy as now we have to keep tabs on each pick and not think too much about a 30pt score going to a blowout win over an FCS school.  So let’s take a look-see and who’s winning:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 KSUUUUU 25 0 25-10
2 TCU Travel Agent 23 0 23-12
3 Bryce Brown for Heisman! 23 0 23-12
4 Pay for Play 22 0 22-13
5 Keltron3000 22 0 22-13
6 Purple Yeti 21 0 21-14

Follow along at the link above for more in-depth statistics.  KSUUUUU is up in on top, thanks to some consistent picking.  I’m sitting at the bottom because, frankly, I have a blog to run here.  But it’s the start of the season and we have a couple of weeks to drop.  There weren’t that many surprises this last week.  I think Miami of Ohio keeping it close against Missouri, Minnesota doing the same to USC, and BYU beating Ole Miss were the shockers.  I can’t believe I missed Northwestern beating Boston College, although that was the favored match up.  Good job to everyone else.

This space is usually reserved for BCS talk.  But since voting doesn’t happen until October for that, I will skip it for now.  True, I could do the USA Today Coaches Poll or the AP Poll, but those do not matter as much as the BCS one.  Or at least, it indirectly influences it.  So when that bad boy comes out, I get to yell about how broke or awesome it is, depending on how I like it.  Yes, pontificating and punditry is a thing of beauty.