Crib Sheet: Time To Go On A Diet

Well, it’s certainly been a recovery week now, hasn’t it?  We’ve got one more week of college football and I’m still wiped out from last week.  I guess it’s time to go on a diet.  Or at least a flash one.  I’ve got about three weeks to slim back down and it’s going to be rough.  The diet starts today with the Crib Sheet.  Most of the news out there is just hype over the SEC, so I’m not going to waste your time on that.  There is, however, some small tasty nuggets of news that you are all welcome to bite into.  But after that I need 20 push ups.  And… GO!

  • A band member for Florida A&M’s Marching 100 was found dead on the bus after the football team’s loss to Bethune-Cookman.  Hazing is suspected and apparently it’s been a growing problem with that school and other school’s marching bands.  Since when are they trying to get as tough as the football team?  Nobody pays attention to the bands because they are all getting snacks and taking a leak at halftime.
  • Speaking of marching bands, Texas took the high road while Texas A&M took the low one at the finale of the Lonestar Showdown last Thursday.  It looks as though Texas had the last laugh with the victory.
  • The other Big 12 rivalry that kissed itself goodbye last weekend was the Border War featuring Kansas vs. Missouri.  Missouri won and Kansas fired their coach, Turner Gill.  He only won one conference game in the last two years.  In a day where football is king, the basketball school needed to cut ties fast and try to play catch up.  At least Gill gets a cool $6 million on the way out.
  • In other coaching news, Urban Meyer is your new Ohio State University head coach.  What’s the over/under and when he retires, unretires, and then retires again?  Before that happens, he’ll be given a heckuva shot to take over as the premier coach in the Big 10 fast.
  • P Diddy’s kid, Justin Combs committed to UCLA.  Let’s hope their isn’t a big headed father/son combo over there like there was at Texas Tech with Craig and Adam James.  Maybe that’s why they fired Rick Neuheisal.  It was bound to happen with the egos rolling in anyway.