Big 12 Football Preview 2013: It’s That Wide Open


Okay it’s time for another Big 12 preview this year.  So we are are one year in with the newly aligned Big 12 and the dust hasn’t settled yet.  Last year we had a newb contender and apparently with have another newb contender.  Of course, last year’s outcome saw the championship fall to the Big 8 original, Kansas State.  Will they end up repeating this year?  Does anybody else want to stand up and take it?  I kinda agree with everyone else saying it’s a wide open race.  Let’s find out what else I think.

The conference is really broken into the 3 orbs (sections are overused).  There’s the weakest orb, the bleh orb, and the contender orb.  In the weakest, we have Kansas and Texas Tech.  In the bleh orb, we have Iowa State and West Virginia.  In the contender orb, we have Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas.  It’s very contender heavy and, thusly, wide open for the title this year.

Let’s start with the weakest orb.  Kansas has Charlie Weiss and a crappy team to field out there.  I forgot the name of the BYU transfer but the running back is supposed to be a hoss and I see the Jayhawks eeking out at least one conference win this year.  They will still be at the bottom.  Texas Tech has a new home coach in Kliff Klingsbury but I don’t think much else.  The kids will play hard, but it’s a new coach with a new system.  I don’t see much happening there.

Next up is the bleh orb.  Iowa State always plays tough as Paul Rhoads has his kids amped up all the time.  The problem is, he’s just not pulling enough talent in up there in Big 10 country.  Farmegeddon will always be a tough one, but I don’t see the Cyclones turn the corner just yet this year.  West Virginia fell off hard last year.  They are still getting adjusted to being just way the hell out there compared to the rest of the conference.  I think the adjustment is still happening.  I’m not sure they can reload.  So they are bleh.

Now we are at the contender orb.  Kansas State will contend because they always do.  With a new unproven quarterback, I can’t really claim a repeat for this year.  Texas comes in again with high expectations like they always do.  They will more than likely end up the same as last year.  Baylor is sneakily dangerous.  They were hot last year. They are the sexy pick and I’m leaning hard on them.  Oklahoma has a fresh new quarterback and the same talent.  They’ll compete but they will probably choke again.  TCU is the newb that’s looking strong.  They have old school ways but a skitchy quarterback.  Close but no cigar.  Oklahoma State returns a bunch of talent and they will try to find their quarterback starting out the year.  I think they have what it takes and the will announce themselves as a perennial challenge with the conference title this year.

So there you have it.  Not the best of exact predictions, but I feel the three orb represent well.  I really don’t have the slightest clue so I lean on experience in this case.  Man it’s going to be an amazing year to watch for the Big 12.  It will all start Friday night as Kansas State and Texas Tech kick it off.  Grab your popcorn and your favorite drink, because it’s gonna be a wide open show.