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Crib Sheet: Post April Fools Yucks

April Fools came and went and we here at the KCCGD headquarters want to share a few of our favorite tricks.  The first one: cover the laser part of a laser mouse with a piece of tape or Post It note.  Watch as the unsuspecting fool tries to use the mouse and bangs it on the table! Har Har!  Next up: keeping with the tape motiff, tape down the latch to your office mates’ phone. Watch as they try to call, or better yet someone tries to call them, and phone won’t unhook from the latch!  Comedy gold!  Okay, enough yucks.  Here’s this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Wow that was fast.  Nick Saban wins a BCS National Championship for Alabama and then gets a bronze statue erected in his honor.  So if he wins it again, what will happen?  A whole new stadium in his honor?  How about a permanent seat in Alabama’s government?  They do eat, sleep, and breath football down there.
  • A highly touted recruit for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish fell to his death last Friday.  Matt James was in Florida on spring break when he fell from a hotel balcony.  Apparently he was drunk when it happened.
  • Georgia linebacker Montez Robinson was kicked off the team after an arrest related to battery charges and domestic violence.  S0metimes kids are still kids and they don’t realize that they can’t get away with stuff like that.  If you were wondering, this was the second time he was arrested.
  • Texas Tech quarterback Talyor Potts will have surgery on his injured hand.  He will be out about 8 weeks.  Not a good start for Tommy Tubberville.  But hey, maybe he can install a real running game while Potts is out.
  • Kansas Associate Athletic Director Ben Kirtland resigned Monday with no reason given.  Hrm.  Either something bad happened or this was the fallout from the Jayhawks not getting far in the basketball tournament.
  • While he’s not busy hanging in Key West being a pirate or suing the pants of another school, Mike Leach is consulting.  More specifically, consulting on the installation of his offense at Oklahoma State.  Any type of offensive knowledge that he can implant at that school could only help.  Just make sure he doesn’t send a cowpoke to the outhouse.