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Crib Sheet: No Combine Here

Most of the news of the week for college football revolved around the NFL Combine.  We will not talk about the NFL Combine for this week’s Crib Sheet.  All of those stories revolve around kids entering the NFL.  We like to talk about what’s coming up for next year’s college football season.  It was hard to find some related items, but we juiced the news fruit hard and got some drops of tasty college football to pour down your throat.  So open wide, here comes the Crib Sheet:

  • So we told you last week that Colonel Reb is gone and they started a new search for a mascot at Ole Miss.  Welp, this week the students are putting their name down for another rebel.  Admiral Ackbar.  Yes, that’s right, the leader of the Rebel Alliance from the Star Wars universe is the leading candidate for the kids.  It’s a trap!
  • Texas and Boise State are getting together.  Not to play, but to talk shop!  Apparently Mack Brown wants to try some trick plays to mix things up.  We’re not sure what Boise State is getting in return.
  • Boise State has another run for their money.  The Broncos are known for have a blue turf field, but now Eastern Washington will have a red turf field.  No matter what it’s called, we sure many a headache will crop up around the nation when they watch their games on television.  Also, if some one  has a Broncos game on one TV and an Eastern Washington game on the other in the same room, can you watch it in 3D with the proper glasses?
  • Texas head coach Mack Brown’s mom lost a battle to cancer.  Our condolences goes out to Mack Brown and all involved.
  • Nebraska’s Jacob Hickman will not play in NFL.  Not because he’s not good, but because he has no desire for a professional football career.  We always get the upside of going to the NFL but we rarely see why some players opt out of the NFL.
  • We here at the KCCGD Headquarters want to welcome David Ubben as the new Big 12 Blogger for ESPN.  We look forward to catching up on his posts as they roll in throughout the year.

Crib Sheet: Passing the Time by Dodging Balls

The Crib Sheet returns!  We’re in the first lull of the year as Spring Practice is right around the corner.  The second lull is the summer, of course.  We here at the KCCGD find many things to pass the time.  Dodgeball for instance.  It’s not exactly football, but it is alot of fun.  We think that colleges should catch on to this trend and officially support dodgeball in their athletic programs.  It can work.  We all just have to will.  DUCK!  Here comes the Crib Sheet:

Mascot Monday: Colonel Reb


It’s the last Mascot Monday of the offseason and the KCCGD offices are all over the place.  We’re getting ready for the start of a new season and we have time for one more send up to our favorite distractions, mascots.  We had some crazy mascots, some hardcore mascots, and some live animal mascots paraded across every Monday.  For our final one, we will take a look at a mascot from a preseason top 25 team in Ole Miss.  Except that there isn’t a mascot, or at least not an official one.

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