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Mascot Monday: Stevie and Stephanie Pointer with McKenzie

Another week of Mascot Monday and we’re gonna get a little wacky.  Okay, maybe not too wacky, but it’s time to bring back some unusually mascots out there in college-dom.  During my research, I’ve come across some weird ones but I’m sticking to my guns when picking mascots for schools that have football programs.  Until, of course, I run out.  That said, we go all the way up to the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point to take a look at the Pointers.  No, not the Pointer Sisters, but Stevie, Stephanie, and the new dog McKenzie.

The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point saw its inception around 1894.  I’m pretty sure the football team didn’t show up until 1980.  I’m using math to determine their first season using the overall record from the program highlights page.  Hey, they need to sharpen up on their history because it was a hard one to find.  What wasn’t hard to find was the history of Stevie Pointer and his family.  There’s plenty of info thanks to the student newspaper.

The student newspaper was the first, like so many other mascot stories, to question the need of a mascot.  Stevens Point’s newspaper, the Iris, did so in 1896.  Fast forward to 1953 and we see that the Iris also gave the mascot the name Stevie.  Walt Bascamp in the middle 1960’s designed Stevie off of the Peanuts character Snoopy.  I’m not sure where Stephanie came into the picture but it is another attempt to appeal to both genders of football fans.

But that’s not all.  Stevie Pointer was a winner too.  He won the 1997 Americup Cheer and Dance Championship.  I’ve never heard of Americup before but I can guess what the trophy looks like.  It’s all thanks to the man under the furry head, Greg Lietz.  I’m thinking the momentum of that title win was the driving force for the introduction of McKenzie in 2008.  McKenzie is Stevens Point’s first live mascot.  He was rescued from Michigan, either the team or some animal abuse I’m not sure.

So let’s go over these furry puppy pointers.  Stevie sports the football uniform and the fluffy head of a dog.  His ears are perked up and point a little bit to the side and out.  Stephanie is rocking the cheerleader uniform complete with pom poms.  Her ears droop more down and to the side.  McKenzie is a live dog, but he has a the team colors bleeding through the scarf he wears on the field.  All in all very conservative and very tight.  You can’t really complain about their setup, both in terms of presentation and the fact the college is pretty small.

So there you have it.  There’s nothing in particular I can complain or praise about Stevie, Stephanie, and McKenzie.  Everyone might complain that they aren’t wacky enough, but really when the name Pointers popped up, you were all wondering just what the heck the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point had as a mascot.  Now the Pointer Sisters would’ve been hilarious, but frankly I’m excited about what they have.  I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.