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Two clears, three reverses, and college football trumps

Well, I’m a little late in getting the post up, but when you’re weekend involves carting a bunch of drunk people to IHOP at 3:30 am, you’re gonna end up behind on a couple of things. You know, I didn’t have anything to eat to over there for the first time ever. I guess in the haze of all of the craziness, I knew I had to save some room for the crow I was about to eat over the first ever weekly pick bet. I did make up for the lack of flapjacks, however, for some tasty cheese fries at the Fox and Hound.

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T-D, we want a… what!?

It was around 8:15 Saturday morning, cruising across I-70 in Nowhere, MO when I opened my eyes from my brief nap and saw the first of many tiger tails whipping in the wind. The familiar site of the tiger tail attached to the trunk of the SUV brought a smile to my face. Sure it was week 3 of the season, sure there had already been two Mizzou victories, but this was the first home game; the first tailgate, the first day of watching football in the open air, and I was ready‚Ķ. Continue reading T-D, we want a… what!?