Pick It and Stick It: Running Down A New Season

Okay here’s the first pick it list of the year and it’s a doozy.  If you remember from last year, a number of us had to eat some missed weeks and totally blew our picks.  So, in response to that, anyone can miss can have their lowest 2 scores knocked off.  Worried about competition?  Well, we have added the Top 25 AND the Big 12 into the mix to make sure our confidence points are all over.  Not only do you have to pick against the spread, but now you have to make sure your confidence counts.  With that said, let’s check out the first week of picks.

Spread Status (CDT)
@(20)Florida St. vs Samford Off (0) Sat 09/04 11:00am
@(19)Penn St. vs Youngstown St. Off (0) Sat 09/04 11:00am
@(4)Florida vs Miami (OH) 36.5 Sat 09/04 11:00am
@(9)Iowa vs Eastern Illinois Off (0) Sat 09/04 11:05am
@(23)Georgia vs LA Lafayette 28.5 Sat 09/04 11:20am
@Missouri vs Illinois 12.0 Sat 09/04 11:30am
@(16)Georgia Tech vs S. Carolina St. Off (0) Sat 09/04 12:00pm
Colorado vs @Colorado St. 12.0 Sat 09/04 01:00pm
@(25)West Virginia vs Coastal Carolina Off (0) Sat 09/04 02:30pm
@Kansas St. vs UCLA 1.5 Sat 09/04 02:30pm
@Michigan vs Connecticut 3.0 Sat 09/04 02:30pm
@(11)Oregon vs New Mexico 34.0 Sat 09/04 02:30pm
(5)Texas vs @Rice 30.5 Sat 09/04 02:30pm
Kentucky vs @Louisville 3.0 Sat 09/04 02:30pm
@Notre Dame vs Purdue 11.0 Sat 09/04 02:30pm
@Virginia vs Richmond Off (0) Sat 09/04 05:00pm
Syracuse vs @Akron 8.5 Sat 09/04 05:00pm
@Kansas vs North Dakota St. Off (0) Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@(8)Nebraska vs West. Kentucky 37.5 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@(7)Oklahoma vs Utah St. 33.5 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@Oklahoma St. vs Washington St. 16.0 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@(1)Alabama vs San Jose St. 37.5 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@(17)Arkansas vs Tennessee Tech Off (0) Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@(22)Auburn vs Arkansas St. 31.0 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@Mississippi St. vs Memphis 21.5 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@Baylor vs Sam Houston St. Off (0) Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@Texas A&M vs Stephen F. Austin Off (0) Sat 09/04 06:00pm
@BYU vs Washington 2.5 Sat 09/04 06:00pm
Northwestern vs @Vanderbilt 4.5 Sat 09/04 06:30pm
@(6)TCU vs (24)Oregon St. 13.5 Sat 09/04 06:45pm
(21)LSU vs @(18)North Carolina 6.5 Sat 09/04 07:00pm
@Fresno St. vs Cincinnati 2.5 Sat 09/04 09:00pm
(12)Wisconsin vs @UNLV 20.5 Sat 09/04 10:00pm
Tulsa vs @East Carolina 7.5 Sun 09/05 01:00pm
@Texas Tech vs SMU 13.5 Sun 09/05 02:30pm
Navy vs @Maryland 6.0 Mon 09/06 03:00pm
(3)Boise St. vs @(10)Virginia Tech 2.0 Mon 09/06 07:00pm

Okay, Big 12 wise we have some mega cakewalk work.  All except Kansas State and UCLA.  Well okay Illinois may put up a fight against Missouri, but we’re sold on the Tigers offense sans the sexual predator.  For the rest of the field, the only big games we see are the LSU vs North Carolina game, the TCU vs Oregon State game, and  Boise St. vs Virginia Tech game.  Someone on this blog picked LSU in the BCS National Championship Game, so we all will go with the Tigers.  One of the two BCS busters will lose this weekend and we’re going with Boise State.  Yeah, they will be overrated this year.  You heard it here somewhat last.  Check back Tuesday for the results!