GameDay: It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

You now, when I started this 3 years ago, I never imagined that I would still be doing this today.  It all started as a goof.  I took to the time throw something up and started writing.  Now as I’m heading into my 4th year, I’m not really sure how much longer I’ll be doing this.  I love college football and I love the pageantry that surrounds it.  But every weekend comes and goes and I end up places where my friends aren’t just get a peek at some new venue.  Is it worth it?

Every year, I always end up finding something new to add.  Whether it’s pictures then YouTube video, or the beloved Mascot Monday,  I’m always adding something new.  It almost seems like the work is getting to be too much.  But somehow I still do it.  So this year I’m planning a couple of new things.  I’m thinking broadcasting using Ustream or perhaps some more Twittering.  Yeah, it’s adding more, but it will be live at the bar.  Which is what the blog is all about.

I noticed last week that a couple of the sports bars we’ve been to closed down.  Bars, like any other business, come and go.  So it makes me think about when I was at the bar and what issues they had when I was there.  Maybe they should’ve improved.  Oh well, that’s life.  But with the exit of bars come news and there will always be new bars for me to head to and check out.  We have a handful in between the increasing number of road trips to stadiums this year.

The food will always bring me back.  There’s something about going out on Saturday and totally destroying the healthy eating accrued from the weekday of working.  Whenever I bite down on the deep-fried pork chop slathered in grilled onions and Baconnaise, I achieve some sort of machismo laden balance of health and taste.  Everybody needs to grease out at least once a week.  This year, we’ll be adding pairings of beer to the grease out so we tell you the best beer to wash down the artery clogger with.

So is it worth it? The promise of new bars and new things will always bring me out.  True, it seems like more work.  If this blog would never have happened, I don’t think I would have the kind of memories that I do today.  So let’s start year 4 together.   Let’s get up early on a Saturday.  Let’s bust our ass off bringing out the best that Kansas City has to offer in terms of sports bars.  Let’s create the memories that build on the foundation of the tradition and the wonder of college football.