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Mascot Monday: Harry the Husky with Dubs

It’s another week of Mascot Monday and we’re heading up to the Great North…West! The Washington Huskies looked to be competitive last year with mega-stud quarterback Jake Locker at the helm. The season fizzled early with a beatdown from Nebraska but they totally redeemed themselves with a win over the Cornhuskers at the Holiday Bowl. This week we bring the freshness as both the live and costumed version of the mascots recently went under some improvements. We’ll also question why some universities don’t give enough love on their websites to mascots. Bring a coat, it’s gonna get just a tad bit chilly.

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GameDay: It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

You now, when I started this 3 years ago, I never imagined that I would still be doing this today.  It all started as a goof.  I took to the time throw something up and started writing.  Now as I’m heading into my 4th year, I’m not really sure how much longer I’ll be doing this.  I love college football and I love the pageantry that surrounds it.  But every weekend comes and goes and I end up places where my friends aren’t just get a peek at some new venue.  Is it worth it?

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Mascot Monday: Ralphie

When we started doing the Mascot Monday posts here at the KCCGD, we knew we had to go over each and every one of the Big 12 mascots.  Welp, today is the big day.  This is our last mascot we will feature here from the Big 12.  Now, there is some talk that a certain conference that is expressing certain expansion talks, so who knows?  Maybe there will be more teams that we haven’t featured yet be wrapped into the loving arms of the Big 12 and enable us to check out its fluffy cheerleader.  Until then, we saved the best for last.  This week on our last Big 12 mascot, we will be taking a big look at Ralphie from the Colorado Buffalos.

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