Pick It and Stick It: A Fresh Crop of Picks

Here we go rolling into another week of Pick It and Stick It.  The games are fresh this week and we are stoked about the upcoming Farmageddon happening right in Kansas City’s backyard.  Kansas State is a 3.5 point favorite over Iowa State and we can imagine that Daniel Thomas is the reason for the line.  Will we see the same outcome as last year?  Hopefully it will be just as exciting.  So far, Farmageddon delivers on quality.  Here are the picks:

Final Status (CDT)
@Southern Miss vs Kansas 5.5 Fri 09/17 07:00pm
@North Carolina vs Georgia Tech 1.5 Sat 09/18 11:00am
@(21)West Virginia vs Maryland 10.0 Sat 09/18 11:00am
@Kansas St. vs Iowa St. 3.5 Sat 09/18 11:00am
@(20)Michigan vs Massachusetts Off (0) Sat 09/18 11:00am
@(2)Ohio St. vs Ohio 30.5 Sat 09/18 11:00am
@(22)Penn St. vs Kent St. 21.0 Sat 09/18 11:00am
@Georgia vs (12)Arkansas 2.5 Sat 09/18 11:00am
@Virginia Tech vs East Carolina 19.5 Sat 09/18 12:30pm
(1)Alabama vs @Duke 24.0 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
@Florida St. vs BYU 10.0 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
@Colorado vs Hawaii 12.5 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
@(7)Oklahoma vs Air Force 17.0 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
(18)USC vs @Minnesota 11.5 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
@(11)Wisconsin vs Arizona St. 14.0 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
(8)Nebraska vs @Washington 3.0 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
(10)Florida vs @Tennessee 14.0 Sat 09/18 02:30pm
@(4)TCU vs Baylor 21.5 Sat 09/18 03:30pm
@(25)Oregon St. vs Louisville 20.0 Sat 09/18 04:30pm
@(5)Oregon vs Portland St. Off (0) Sat 09/18 05:15pm
@Missouri vs San Diego St. 14.0 Sat 09/18 06:00pm
@Oklahoma St. vs Tulsa 7.0 Sat 09/18 06:00pm
@(13)South Carolina vs Furman Off (0) Sat 09/18 06:00pm
@(16)Auburn vs Clemson 7.0 Sat 09/18 06:00pm
@(15)LSU vs Mississippi St. 7.5 Sat 09/18 06:00pm
@Texas A&M vs Florida Intl. Off (0) Sat 09/18 06:00pm
@Michigan St. vs Notre Dame 3.5 Sat 09/18 07:00pm
(6)Texas vs @Texas Tech 3.0 Sat 09/18 07:00pm
(14)Utah vs @New Mexico 22.5 Sat 09/18 07:00pm
(3)Boise St. vs @Wyoming 23.5 Sat 09/18 07:00pm
(9)Iowa vs @(24)Arizona 1.5 Sat 09/18 09:30pm
(23)Houston vs @UCLA 3.0 Sat 09/18 09:30pm
@(19)Stanford vs Wake Forest 17.0 Sat 09/18 10:15pm

We talked about the first Big 12 match up of the year so let’s talk about the other.  Texas heads to Lubbock to face Tommy Tubberville’s version of Texas Tech.  The Longhorns failed to impress so far and because of that they are a 3.0 point favorite over the Red Raiders.  We may see more defense from Texas Tech but we should also see alot of passing still.  Whether or not Texas defense can make some stands is the big question.  Tune in Saturday night to find out.

In the other parts of the Big 12, we start out tonight with Kansas heading to Southern Miss.  They aren’t the favorite so they’ll probably win and cover.  On the flip side, Air Force heads to Norman to take on Oklahoma and will be down 17.0 points on the spread.  We’re thinking the Sooners will let them hang a little closer.  Nebraska is only a 3.0 point favorite against Washington as we’ll see if the Black Shirts will lock out Jake Locker. The Baylor and TCU game will be much closer than the 21.5 point spread TCU has.  The other Big 12 games are just lame enough to ignore.

Nationally, Denard Robinson takes his Heisman campaign to Massachusetts.  The only other real interesting game up there is the Iowa Hawkeyes vs the Arizona Wildcats game.  The Hawks take their Big 10 pummeling down to the steamy hot part of Arizona.  The Wildcats looks tough but the Hawkeyes are tough.  The game starts at 9:30 so if you’re up late tomorrow night, you’ll still be able to watch some great football.  Set your picks today, though as there is a Friday game.  Good luck on the picks.