Pick It and Stick It: It’s Drippy Season

Batten down the hatches, folks, it’s getting to be cold season.  The dripping and drooling will now have much more effect.  I started noticing it this week.  Some people had coughs and sniffles, others taking afternoons off.  I, myself, have some kind of weird chest tightness going.  Never fear, I just downed some Airborne infused OJ after soaking some Vitamin C Zicam.  It’s pretty much the opposite of Four Loko.  I suggest if you get the first signs of a cold, use that remedy.  Now on to the picks.

Final Status (PST)
@(3)Boise St. vs Fresno St. 30.5 Fri 11/19 06:30pm
@North Carolina vs N.C. State 2.5 Sat 11/20 09:00am
(12)Oklahoma St. vs @Kansas 24.0 Sat 11/20 09:00am
(6)Wisconsin vs @Michigan 4.0 Sat 11/20 09:00am
@(11)Michigan St. vs Purdue 20.0 Sat 11/20 09:00am
West Virginia vs @Louisville 4.5 Sat 11/20 09:00am
Pittsburgh vs @South Florida 2.5 Sat 11/20 09:00am
@(17)South Carolina vs Troy 22.0 Sat 11/20 09:21am
Kansas St. vs @Colorado 2.5 Sat 11/20 11:00am
@Texas Tech vs Weber St. Off (0) Sat 11/20 12:00pm
(14)Virginia Tech vs @(24)Miami (FL) 2.5 Sat 11/20 12:30pm
(8)Ohio St. vs @(21)Iowa 3.0 Sat 11/20 12:30pm
Illinois vs @Northwestern 7.5 Sat 11/20 12:30pm
(7)Stanford vs @California 6.5 Sat 11/20 12:30pm
@(5)LSU vs Mississippi 16.0 Sat 11/20 12:30pm
@Texas vs Florida Atlantic 21.0 Sat 11/20 12:30pm
@(19)Nevada vs New Mexico St. 38.0 Sat 11/20 01:05pm
@Syracuse vs Connecticut 4.0 Sat 11/20 04:00pm
(15)Missouri vs @Iowa St. 11.0 Sat 11/20 04:00pm
(13)Arkansas vs @(22)Mississippi St. 3.0 Sat 11/20 04:00pm
@Notre Dame vs Army 8.0 Sat 11/20 04:00pm
Florida St. vs @Maryland 4.0 Sat 11/20 05:00pm
(20)USC vs @Oregon St. 3.0 Sat 11/20 05:00pm
(16)Oklahoma vs @Baylor 7.5 Sat 11/20 05:00pm
(9)Nebraska vs @(18)Texas A&M 2.5 Sat 11/20 05:00pm
@Southern Miss vs Houston 4.0 Sat 11/20 05:00pm
(25)Utah vs @San Diego St. 2.5 Sat 11/20 07:00pm

The big blowout of the week may come from Texas Tech vs Weber State, but my guess is that Boise State will be looking to make a statement against Fresno State so they can get ready for Nevada next week.  Speaking of the Wolfpack, they have a pretty awesome spread against New Mexico State.  There are lot of wide point spread games this week, including the Oklahoma State vs Kansas game.  That one I assure will be closer.

The biggest game in my eyes sees Nebraska heading to College Station to take on the Texas A&M Aggies.  The spread is 2.5 and it should be even closer. The dominating Cornhuskers are taking on the hottest team in the country.  That should be a great game.  The only other big type game sees Ohio State with a 3 point favorite over home team Iowa.  I actually think this one will be wider.  I just don’t think Iowa has the winning spirit that Ohio State does in pulling out big games.