Crib Sheet: It’s Almost Over

It’s the last real week of college football for about a month so let’s get down to Crib Sheet business.  Bowls are coming, invitations are going out, and we have a good chuck on news for you to nibble on.  Let’s check it out:

  • The Associated Press came out with the All-Time, All-Big 12 Team.  Some interesting players local from the area are on there.  Darren Sproles and Terrence Newman from Kansas State, Chase Coffman from Missouri, and nobody from Kansas.  Sorry Jayhawks.
  • Mike Leach is back in the news as he is now suing ESPN for libel and slander regarding the firing he suffered last year.  If you remember form SMU star Craig James’ kid had a concussion and was put in a shed.  That got Leach fired and James apparently funneled tons of info to ESPN.  I hope Leach wins.  He’s still trying to clear his name from the original suit.
  • Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe didn’t show up to Lincold to present Nebraska with the Big 12 North Trophy because of threats from Nebraska fans.  Again, what’s with the ‘Classiest Fans in the World’ moniker?  It doesn’t work here.  Another reason I’m glad they are hoofing it up north to an irrelevant Big 10.
  • California line coach Tosh Lupoi had to sit suspended due to instructing players to fake injuries against Oregon.  It’s the only real good way to slow down the Ducks.  The only problem is that the refs are looking for it now.  Oregon looks real, real tough to beat going into the last couple of games of the season.
  • TCU is heading to the Big East.  There were rumors before but now it’s official.  It’s too bad that the Big 12 didn’t scoop them up when they had a chance.  I think they are going round robin for awhile.  The Big East got a big boost with the Horned Frogs.  We’ll see real soon TCU can hang with the big boys.  What better conference to do it in then the football weak Big East?  Villanova is next, by the way.
  • A kicker chokes twice in a big game and of course he will get the brunt of death threats.  Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman’s getting it now.  But pros should be able to get these, not kids. Although his over 18 so he is a legal adult.  At any rate, he missed some kicks and Nevada didn’t for the upset.
  • Look no where else but the state of Alabama when hearing stories like this:  An Alabama PA announcer got the boot after he played songs like “Take the Money and Run” and “Son of a Preacher Man” at the pre game warm up before the Iron Bowl.  If you haven’t caught up on the Cam Newton story, you should do that first.  The music is actually hilarious.  I think officials need to lighten up.  A report says that a senior administrator okayed the music anyway.  So let the guy keep his job.
  • Bobby Bowden is going to coach one last bowl game.  He’s going to a secret military base in the Persian Gulf for the Connect to Home Bowl.  It’s a flag football match up pitting soldiers against soldiers.  Bowden was never asked, he wanted to do it.  Good job to Bowden for giving back like that.
  • Your All Big 12 team for this year includes Mike Gundy as the head coach of the year.  There’s alot of Nebraska and Oklahoma State up there.  It makes it even stranger that Oklahoma is going to the championship game and not the Cowboys.