Crib Sheet: Pop Open Your Windows

It’s that time of year. It’s time to pop open the windows and enjoy the weather a bit. Summer is just right around the corner and I’m happy that I’m not breathing recycled air at night. It’s a good time of the year for college football, too. The bones inside the players, the coaches, and the fans are just starting to itch. Warmer weather means practice is getting closer and games are not that far off. It’s especially exciting with the prospect of being the only kind of organized football on in the fall. Tune in later this year but in the meantime, hit up the Crib Sheet:

  • The Fiesta Bowl will stay with the BCS and gets a hefty, and I mean hefty, $1 million spank on the behind. Now, I prefer the BCS over the playoffs but this kind of fine seems just a little too paltry. Be a little tougher, BCS.
  • The NCAA will also let the Fiesta Bowl keep their license. Maybe all of the work they are doing trying to get their campaign money back paid off.
  • To round out the Kansas ticket scandal sentence bonanza, Ben Kirtland gets a whopping 57 months in federal prison. Crime doesn’t pay kiddos.
  • On the west coast, a senate panel in California is exploring options to fend off those slimy sports agents. Ideas include more scholarships and tighter laws. Meanwhile, back home in Texas (I’m going to have to get used to that), legislators are looking to create the toughest laws in country to beat down sports agents and runners. How tough? Making it a felony. It seems like the Texas approach doesn’t really involve the students athletes as much. At least California is looking to paying kids more.
  • The NCAA carted a bunch of reporters through their facilities to explain how hard their job is. There are apparently three different heads at the NCAA, but they are very small. I thought the NCAA was huge. From the sounds of things it’s the schools that are really running the show. It puts some perspective on a bunch of issues. I can understand just a little bit why they drop the hammer so quick on issues. They don’t have the resources to vet information and make a proper choice.
  • Okay, former Oklahoma great Sam Bradford now has a statue. Cheese and rice, is everyone jumping in on the bandwagon. Next thing you know Darren Sproles will have one up at Kansas State and then Seneca Wallace will get one up at Iowa State. 20 years from now people will wonder why all this work was wasted.
  • J. Brady McCollough has a touching story about D.J. Marshall’s fight and win over cancer. Inspiration can come from everywhere, including my college team’s rival.
  • A bunch of people are getting into the College Football Hall of Fame this year. Who’s on the list? Deion Sanders, Eddie Georgie, Will Shields, and some others. Man they don’t mess around. This list is 16 deep. That’s way better than the uppity sports writer’s and their ‘hallowed’ baseball hall of fame.