Crib Sheet: Crack that Whip!

It’s a huge week of news on the Crib Sheet so let’s get cracking:

  • Harvey Updyke Jr, the man who poisoned the oak trees at Toomer’s Corner, landed a big ole indictment for his actions last week. We’ll see later on down the road just how much jail time he’ll get for his ‘green’ murders.
  • So the Department of Justice tossed a letter to NCAA head Mark Emmertt wanting answers to college football’s lack of playoff system.  He responded last week telling them to look at the BCS and not the NCAA.  Everyone knows that.  The DOJ is just as clueless as the rest of the government.
  • I hate on the Big 10 alot, but I have to give them credit for at least discussing paying athletes more than what the scholarships cover for school.  Current scholarships don’t cover things like laundry and other day to day activities.  It should help keep the agents away and the kids from selling (or stealing) junk.  Now all we need is a conference courageous enough to go through with that idea.  It’s a good enough idea to get the SEC, the Big 12, and Conference USA talking about it too.
  • It’s final.  Texas lawmakers are looking to stamp out sports agents and they are following through on their word.  I’m glad I made the move down here.
  • It looks like the SEC is pushing to curb oversigning athletes, and Mike Slive seems to be leading the way.  Oversigning players usually means that some kids will lose a promised scholarship and that’s not good for anybody.
  • Senior linebacker for the Oklahoma Sooners, Austin Box, died last week in what appears to be an overdose.  Our condolences go out to his family.
  • Kansas State announced that they will forgo and school money for the athletic program and use only the Big 12 cash for future improvements.  It’s a great gesture and it makes sense for a school that doesn’t have a high cost program.  The funny thing is that they’ve own their counterpart on the spending side of the scale, Texas, in the last couple of years.
  • PGA golfer Jerry Kelly had to wear the mascot uniform for TCU because he lost a bet to fellow tour golfer J.J. Henry over the Rose Bowl.  Guess who went to TCU and who went to Wisconsin?
  • West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck wants to sell beer in the stadium to prevent students from getting to drunk outside of it.  I’m not sure how this will work but apparently it does in Syracuse.  If it passes, I wonder how much it will cost?  They might as well find another reason to rake the students over the coals.
  • Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds is your Athletic Director of the Year.   He was the guy that single handily orchestrate two schools leaving the Big 12 and then inking a deal to create a television network for their own school.  I think he earned it.
  • Big 12 media days are coming!  More specifically July 25th and 26th.  It’s coming people!
  • Appalachian State will put on hold their decision to move to the FBS or Division I.  Why move?  They are dominating their division and will always be remembered for upsetting Michigan.
  • Aflac will sponsor the Heisman Trophy next season.  Oh please no.  No annoyting ducks on the trophy.  Please?
  • Drake won a bowl game last week.  Huh?  What you say?  Yup, they defeated the Mexican all stars of Conadeip in the Global Kilimanjaro Bowl in Africa.  It’s the first time that a college football game was played Africa, evar.  The next thing you know they’ll have rivalries between the Mummies of Egypt against the Camels of Sahara Tech.
  • The Big 12 will stay the Big 12 for now.  Does that hint at expansion?  Nope, just brand recognition.  Now the Big 12 will get the same kind of complaints that the Big 10 gets today.
  • The Fiesta Bowl asked nicely, but no one is giving back the money they dished out for political campaigns. Come on now, you have to know that politicians are the most money grubbing of them all.