Pick It Standings Week 03: Pick Alignment

In case you’ve been stuck under a table somewhere, the whole college football landscape is changing right under our noses.  For whatever school, big or large, it’s getting real close to the time where you pick it or lose it.  But before that time comes, we need to go over the Pick It standings for week numero tres.  There isn’t anything as shocking or surprising like the Pitt and Syracuse move to the ACC, but after this week it will start to get fairly exciting.  Let’s check out the standings:

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 KSUUUUU 25 36 25-10
2 Bryce Brown for Heisman! 23 40 23-12
3 TCU Travel Agent 23 38 23-12
4 Keltron3000 22 43 22-13
5 Pay for Play 22 39 22-13
6 Purple Yeti 22 39 22-8

Yup, it’s the same.  But next week we are going to start seeing scores accumulating.  Remember, we can drop a couple of scores for the season as some people forget to put picks in, especially around the holidays.  How did people do over the weekend?  Well, it was pretty decent.  I tell you what, here’s a little rundown of the first three weeks:

Rank Pick Set Name Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Total Pts Dropped Pts
1 KSUUUUU 25 14 22 25 36
2 Bryce Brown for Heisman! 23 19 21 23 40
3 TCU Travel Agent 23 20 18 23 38
4 Keltron3000 22 21 22 22 43
5 Pay for Play 22 20 19 22 39
6 Purple Yeti 21 22 18 22 39

So you see, we have all dropped points.  But remember, the dropped points can be tiebreakers.  Over the weekend, everyone tanked on Auburn, TCU, Virginia Tech, and Arkansas.  But we all go Oklahoma State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Oregon right.  Bryce Brown for Heisman goofed and went with Toledo beating the spread, but he redeemed himself getting Navy.  It was kind of like that for the rest of the bunch.  I can’t wait for points to really start counting as well as the BCS to start counting here on the standings.  Just make sure you have your ducks, and picks, in alignment when it happens.