Pick It Standings Week 05: Hanging In There

Okay, finally we see the dropped points come into effect.  Not only that, but now we are finally seeing what teams are in full effect.  Conference play started around the landscape and we are starting to see the pretenders fall to the winners.  The hype turned sour to teams like Baylor and Florida, while the winners took care of business.  Will we see the pretenders fall off in the Pick It and Stick It standings?  We have a couple of weeks to find out because of the dropped points, but the dropped points are now in play.

Rank Pick Set Name Total Dropped W-L
1 KSUUUUU 47 42 47-22
2 Keltron3000 44 52 44-25
3 Bryce Brown for Heisman! 44 49 44-25
4 Purple Yeti 43 50 43-22
5 TCU Travel Agent 43 49 43-22
6 Pay for Play 42 45 42-23

So there’s our standings.  Keltron3000 is making a push due to some consistent point making.  She leads the league with 52 dropped points.  That’s a big deal.  Meanwhile KSUUUUU sits on a massive lead in front of everyone.  Kudos to me for picking Auburn to upset South Carolina.  TCU Travel Agent had the Oregon State spread making pick against Arizona State.  Bryce Brown for Heisman goofed and picked Ball State to beat the spread against Oklahoma.  Shame on Pay for Play picking Baylor over Kansas State.  I’m locking my chops for the BCS standings to come out.  We have until week 8 though.