BBQ Burp Ups

You know, I was having so much fun Saturday night, I didn’t get a chance to really take any pictures.  That’s a good thing, because I promptly stuffed my face full of sausage and pulled pork.  Sure, there was some bread and other side dishes involved, but it was mostly meat.  You don’t want to see the carnage laid down.  But I do have a chance to talk about the carnage, or lack thereof, I saw on the field.  Who knows, I may talk about the world’s worst carnal secret as well.  It depends on how much I feel like regurgitating.  Bring a bib.

Here’s a quick tip from the meat eating master:  If you are anticipating stuffing your face full of meat, get at least an hour workout in.  That’s what I did and my apartment gym had the hookup for me to watch a little bit of the Texas and Texas Tech game.  The Red Raiders are going down while the Longhorns are going up.  I appreciate that Mack Brown realized that they have the biggest and strongest in the state and that he used that to run right over their opponents.  There’s no need to get pretty when you have the bigger talent.  Meanwhile, Texas Tech gets to look forward in replacing Texas A&M for the annual Thanksgiving game.  Noms.

So, in the midst of the tasty beef and pork, there was a football game on.  Not just any football, but the game of the century.  That’s right never before has #1 and #2 from the SEC.  So, of course, the hype was in full force.  Alabama hosted LSU and it was a snooze fest.  Or a great defensive battle, depending on you look at it.  The game ended with LSU winning on the road 9-6.  That’s right, it was all field goals.  More importantly, the Alabama kicker missed 4 of those daddys and is now not the most popular kid on campus.  That’s all I know about the game because I switched it on over to a better game.

Kansas State went to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State and showed up to play.  The Cowboys started out strong but the Wildcats punched back.  Collin Klein literally took the team on his back and kept them mostly in the game.  Tyler Lockett helped out with some great returns and the defense nabbed some turnovers, including a pick 6.  But Brandon Wheedon and Oklahoma State’s offense was just too much for Kansas State.  They fired of bullets like it was nothing and answered every time the Wildcats clawed back in it.  It came down to a goal line play at the end of the game and the Cowboys hung on.  Definitely better than the game of the century.

The big news yesterday was that Missouri officially announced that they will try to play some century like games in the SEC.  It’s about time.  It literally was the World’s Worst Kept Secret.  They did it on the day that everything in Kansas City turned bad.  I think they had some personal vendetta against Kansas City.  I’m not there now, but it sure feels that way.  And I’m not the one to think that they should keep any rivalry around that area.  They are walking out the door and then turning around and saying that the teams on the Kansas sides are the ones quitting.  What about that vaunted Illinois rivalry?  Does anyone care about that?

I sure don’t think so.  But I’m down here in Texas so I guess it pretty much states where I stand.  My Kansas State Wildcats are having a resurgence and they never point fingers after a loss, except maybe at themselves.  Maybe one day, Missouri will figure that out and actually play like a winner.  That’s when you get the door opening to actual championships.  In the the meantime, I guess they will stick it to Kansas City and rub it in for the next 4 years or so.  I want them to do well.  I’d love for them to beat up on Florida.  But if they have the same attitude they have now in the SEC, then it will not happen.  The likelihood of them blaming another team like Alabama or Auburn is just as high.  And no, I’m not jealous.  Kansas State hardly spends any money on sports (one of the lowest in the Big 12) and has a winning records against the likes of Texas (Oklahoma, not so much).

Okay, okay, I’ll stop.  The beef came up quick there.  Last Saturday was a blast and I’m glad I had some great down home cooking.  The real game of the century provided ups and downs with twists and turns.  The other game was just kind of blah.  It was nice to recharge the ‘ole barpsotting batteries.  I’m stoked for the upcoming weekend and I promise you it will be a doozy.  Until then, go find yourself some BBQ beef and gnaw on it for awhile.  Then next time we can trade saucy stories.