Crib Sheet: Scandals that Rival the Offseason

Here I thought the two last offseasons were brutal for college football what with the realignment talk and sports agent nonsense, but boy was I wrong when the Jerry Sandusky scandal came out last week.  Last week former Penn State defensive coach Sandusky was charged with molesting boys and it all went down from there.  Some top officials resigned, the President was fired, and now winningest coach in Division I (FBS) Joe Paterno was fired.  JoPa apparently knew what Sandusky was doing and did the legal minimum requirement in reporting the situation.  Now, he let Sandusky stay around campus after the incident and more incidents happen.  I know, the higher ups are in charge, but everyone knows that Penn State = Joe Paterno.  Whether it was legal or not, public relation wise he should’ve done more.  Ick.  I’m done with that, on to the Crib Sheet:

  • The SEC made Missouri’s move official over the weekend.  It’s about time, I was getting tired of the waiting game.  I already talked about this so it’s time to move on.
  • Not after pointing out some parting shots by both Kansas and the Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas. There’s been some heated words between folks in Kansas City and even between my peeps.  It’s a dividing issue for now but it will be forgotten.  Except maybe in KC.  It’s gonna sting when the economics hit.
  • Okay, last one.  The upside down flag for Missouri at Oklahoma State’s game October 27th was a student intern for the athletics department.  He forgot to fix the mistake before the game.  Ah the good, harmless fun of viral little things like this.  It’s what makes college football awesome.
  • The board of trustees for Boise State cleared the way for the school to join the Big East.  It seems they are following in the steps of TCU.  That means we should see them in Big 12 in a couple of years.  We may also see BYU there, too.
  • NCAA head Mark Emmert made sure to draw the line between paying the players and giving the OK on the suggested $2000 scholarship increase for students.  Apparently school presidents are massively against it.  Of course they are, it eats into their profits from the athletic department.
  • Auburn released the documents regarding the investigation of Cam Newton.  Take read if you wish.
  • The Big East fired back at West Virginia with a counter lawsuit regarding their departure to the Big 12.  They will settle this eventually and with tons of money.  It will take another domino of a team to fall into the Big East to replace the team that left for the Big 12, which is replacing a team that left for the SEC.
  • Just so you know, Les Miles is your new spokesman for Louisiana’s turfgrass industry!  Chew on that for a second.
  • Oklahoma all star receiver Ryan Broyles tore his ACL during the win over Texas A&M last week.  He may not play another snap in college football.  He will leave with a ton of receiving records.
  • The Kansas State and Oklahoma State game last almost shook the college football ground with an upset.  That didn’t happen.  But what did was an actual earthquake.  I’ve never felt an earthquake before and I’m kinda down that I missed feeling it.
  • Baylor is looking to fill some shoes with Texas A&M leaving and is proposing a stadium on campus and near a river.  They are the only school in the Big 12 that does not have their own stadium.  I’d love to see this thing come to life.  Maybe I’ll go to a game there.
  • Oklahoma president David Boren let the cat out of the bag.  The Big 12 will stay at 10 teams for now.   I think it won’t move until the Tier 1 contract is up.
  • Tennessee had to go to a frat house last week to find a kicker.  That’s pretty awesome.  I just hope that Hollywood doesn’t make a movie starring Ryan Reynolds or Dane Cook in blackface or something.