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The Send Off Was Beat Down at Bill Snyder Family Stadium

The drive down to Manhattan last Thursday was fairly quick.  The more than likely last ever game between Kansas State and Nebraska took place and it was not all I hoped to be.  But the electricity from the radio on through the fans as well as the pageantry leading up to the game made the trip more than worthwhile.  There’s nothing like revisiting your old stomping grounds and enjoying everything great about what it was like to be there.  The whole day fittingly ended Nebraska’s presence in Wildcat Country.

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Mascot Monday: Reveille

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a live mascot so it’s refreshing to see one perched up and proud way down south in College Station, Texas.  Yes, where most of us are familiar with Texas A&M’s marching band.  But how many of you out there are familiar with Texas A&M’s live mascot Reveille?  Now she could be mistaken for TV’s Lassie but we know better.  Come with us on a mascot journey that takes up through the ranks of the military and back down to the deep heart of Texas.  Wake up, it’s Reveille.

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