Pick It and Stick It: Wiping Away the Pretenders

The BCS Standings are out and it’s time to start wiping away the competition.  Oklahoma and Missouri will lock horns tomorrow to find out who will be worthy from the Big 12.  We also have LSU battling Auburn for SEC worthiness.  The pretenders are wiping away and it’s all downhill for the road to the BCS Championship Game.  The pretenders will also start wiping away in our Pick It and Stick It challenge.  Let’s take a look at what’s on the windshield for this week.

Final Status (CDT)
@Pittsburgh vs Rutgers 12.5 Sat 10/23 11:00am
@(23)Virginia Tech vs Duke 26.5 Sat 10/23 11:00am
@(20)West Virginia vs Syracuse 14.0 Sat 10/23 11:00am
@Illinois vs Indiana 13.5 Sat 10/23 11:00am
(8)Michigan St. vs @Northwestern 5.0 Sat 10/23 11:00am
@(11)Ohio St. vs Purdue 23.5 Sat 10/23 11:00am
@(22)Texas vs Iowa St. 20.5 Sat 10/23 11:00am
Notre Dame vs @Navy 7.0 Sat 10/23 11:00am
@(21)Arkansas vs Mississippi 9.5 Sat 10/23 11:21am
@Boston Coll. vs Maryland 4.0 Sat 10/23 12:00pm
@Clemson vs Georgia Tech 5.5 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
Texas Tech vs @Colorado 2.5 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
(14)Nebraska vs @(17)Oklahoma St. 5.5 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
@(13)Iowa vs (10)Wisconsin 5.5 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
@California vs Arizona St. 3.0 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
@(5)Auburn vs (6)LSU 6.0 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
@Baylor vs Kansas St. 6.0 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
Connecticut vs @Louisville 1.5 Sat 10/23 02:30pm
@(12)Stanford vs Washington St. 34.5 Sat 10/23 04:00pm
@(9)Utah vs Colorado St. 30.0 Sat 10/23 05:00pm
Texas A&M vs @Kansas 13.5 Sat 10/23 06:00pm
(7)Alabama vs @Tennessee 16.5 Sat 10/23 06:00pm
(19)South Carolina vs @Vanderbilt 12.0 Sat 10/23 06:00pm
@(24)Mississippi St. vs UAB 19.5 Sat 10/23 06:00pm
@(25)Miami (FL) vs North Carolina 6.5 Sat 10/23 06:30pm
Georgia vs @Kentucky 4.0 Sat 10/23 06:30pm
(3)Oklahoma vs @(18)Missouri 3.0 Sat 10/23 07:00pm
@(4)TCU vs Air Force 18.5 Sat 10/23 07:00pm
@(15)Arizona vs Washington 6.5 Sat 10/23 09:15pm

Some of the more open spreads find us at Blacksburg where Virginia Tech hosts Duke.  That might not be a blowout,  the Hokies did lose to James Madison.  Oregon already played so there’s no big point spread for them.  Utah sees a big one when they host Colorado State.  It looks as though Boise State is idle and TCU might actually have competition this week.  As for small spreads, it’s a toss-up for Connecticut and Louisville.  We also have a close one with California and Arizona State.

Big 12 wise, we already mentioned the big one with the Sooners and the Tigers.  That’s going to be a great game.  Texas Tech and Colorado have a close game ahead.  On the flip side, Texas has a massive spread against Iowa State.  Maybe Paul Rhoads can cue up another upset.  Back in the KC area, we have Baylor up on Kansas State by a touchdown (with no extra point) and Texas A&M up on Kansas by 13.5.  One of those teams will beat the spread and win this week.  I’m guessing Kansas State.  Say goodbye to the pretenders.