Crib Sheet: The Road to Austin Bekons

It’s a tasty Crib Sheet this week as I’m packed up and ready to head to Austin for SXSW.  I might stop by Daryl K Royal Stadium and give homage to the team that Kansas State has owned the last couple of years.  That is if I can make it there between the haze of tech and music.  The next Crib Sheet might be heavily abbrieviated.  Just sayin.  Here’s this week’s Crib  Sheet:

  • It looks like very few colleges, except maybe Oklahoma and TCU, do background checks on players that they recruit. That’s a tough cookie. On hand, you want to make sure that no legal trouble comes your way. On the other hand, alot of real talent can come from nefarious pasts. I guess it all depends on how your system can rehabilitate instead of facilitate.
  • Missouri gets local boy Morgan Steward as a commit for 2012. He’s a running back. I forgot where they are on quarterbacks. They also lost defense so they need to step up on that end as well.
  • Villanova is the leader for the Big East’s 10th football team. Aren’t they Division II? Welp, you gotta have some cream puffs to beat up on to bolster the big teams. Just look at Iowa State in the Big 12/10.
  • NCAA president Mark Emmert said he would help build a playoff if the big wigs decided to do so. I’m not sure this is a big news story. I mean on one hand, you have the head of a college association talking about going full steam on a playoff. ON the other, it’s the head of the NCAA. They aren’t relevant anymore.
  • Uconn lost a cool $1.6 million going to the Fiesta Bowl. Maybe that’s why the IRS is knocking down the Fiesta Bowl’s doors. Or maybe going to the big game can cost schools alot more than getting a big payout. I almost like to think of it as an advertising fee. Just look at Auburn’s $6000,000 deficit. They won the BCS National Championship. People will remember that for years to come.
  • What’s up with all of these former Kansas State alumni athletic directors? Kirby Holcutt resigned from Miami of Florida to take the Texas Tech job. That puts another for former Wildcat in that position in that state (DeLoss Dodds of Texas).
  • The Oregon Ducks confirmed that they paid a couple of Texas based recruiting services for work done on said recruiting front. The Ducks received commits Lache Seastrunk and Heisman candidate LaMichael James, who are both from Texas. If an investigation proves that the services pointed the recruits to Oregon, NCAA rules were broken.
  • It’s a little confusing but here’s California’s 2011 schedule, or at least its weirdness. Their stadium is undergoing renovations and they will have a non-conference game against new conference foe Colorado. Yeah, I had to read that about 3 times to get it right.
  • In what is no surprise to anyone,Mike Leach is taking his Texas-sized Texas Tech case to the Texas Supreme Court. I’m not sure they will listen to him again. Mike, Mr. Leach, dude, the more you do this, the more your stock as a head coach will go down. If you keep picking at this scab you will be exposed to everyone else. I’m sure you don’t want to be a CBS anchor forever and get back to coaching. Lay low for a year or two then get back to doing what you like.
  • Former Missouri star Chase Daniel established a scholarship in his name for a Texas only kid to come to the Tigers.  What better way to drive the wedge deeper down there for talent?
  • Kansas State picks up a quarterback commit for 2012 by the name of Tay Bender.  The twist?  He goes to school right now in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I’m not sure how good the kid is but I’m happy taking talent away from the Cornhuskers.
  • Jim Tressel got hit with a two game suspension and a $250,000 fine due to his knowledge of the NCAA violations some of his players, including Terrelle Pryor, incurred last year.  I seem to remember that this guy was pristine in terms of ethics.  I guess I was wrong.