Crib Sheet: Tis the Offseason

Baseball’s right around the corner and I figured the news would be super quiet for college football.  Boy was I wrong.  There’s tasty chunks of news going around all over the place.  I’m done salivating you taste buds, time to feast on this week’s Crib Sheet:

  • Major Christopher Kopacek will get disciplined and has applied to leave the Air Force after he pulled a Top Gun on the stadium before the Iowa vs Ohio State game last year.  You know, I bet the crowd loved it, even though everyone who was drinking coffee probably spilled it.
  • Ralph Nader, when not running for President, runs around in different committees recommending things.  One such committee, the League of Fans, is part of his call to blow away college scholarships for athletes.  I agree with him on the fact that these kids aren’t really armatures anymore, but I disagree with the solution.  I still think they should be paid, because of what they bring to the school.  If you deemphasize the scholarship than I can see how colleges can have an avenue to pay the students but Nader sounds like he doesn’t want to give anything to kids.
  • It looks like Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel forwarded emails to Terrelle Pryor’s mentor regarding his NCAA violations, without notifying the NCAA.  This may be the last time we see Jim Tressel coaching the Buckeyes.
  • The man who killed UConn football player Jasper Howard got 18 years in jail.  Not sure if he will be available for parole early but I’m sure he’s got plenty of time to figure out what he did wrong.
  • Tyler Gabbert, Blaine’s little brother, is looking real good real fast for Missouri in spring practice this year.  It seems we may have a couple of more years of hearing a Gabbert name being called in Columbia.
  • RichRod showed up at Oklahoma’s spring practice.  He’s good buddies with Bob Stoops.  It also looks like he was wearing a Sooners polo shirt on the field.  Is he trying to see if he’s a good fit?  Hrm, I think Oklahoma’s offense is fine and they certainly don’t need RichRod for defense.
  • Fox will broadcast some college football games on FX this coming year.  Look for your favorite (or not so favorite) Big 12, Pac 10, or Conference USA team to make an appearance.  You bet that this will open the door for better negotiation tactics for the Big 12 and Fox.  Maybe they are using this to beat down the ESPN rumor that’s been floating around?
  • This time of year sees coaching clinics firing off left and right.  What’s interesting about is that former coaches like to make trips.  We mentioned RichRod before but lets point out that former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach will speak at Iowa State and former Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis will join his buddy and new Florida head coach Will Muschamp for a speaking engagement as well.  The network of coaches can be strange at times.
  • Interesting times for the Fiesta Bowl.  The oncoming internal report that pointed at reimbursements for political campaigns came to fruition and it’s time for the stuff to hit the fan.  To help fend off the IRS, the Fiesta Bowl committee decided to fire CEO John Junker.  Um, I’m not sure it’s going to help.  If anything the BCS will end up revoking its bowl presence.  Um, Jerry Jones Cowboys Stadium Jesus Dome anyone?  Yeah, the next couple of weeks will be interesting indeed.