Crib Sheet: Media Days Are Upon Us

Another fat week of the Crib Sheet.  I know you haven’t had enough.  Media Days have finally kicked off so it will be another month before real football kicks off.  Bask in the light, people, and let’s start ramping up for another season.   First, the Crib Sheet:

  • New Mexico football player DeShon Marman will not be charged for wearing saggy pants on an airplane.  He lad legitimate beef and it was best for the prosecutors to let this go.
  • Texas Tech fans get to vote online for the Black Out home game.  Too bad they can’t vote to bring back Mike Leach.
  • A judge last week denied a request by Michael McAdoo to be reinstated on the UNC football team.  North Carolina originally had McAdoo’s back but they went with the NCAA this time.  The NCAA seems to be super subjective in terms of player eligibility.  The problem isn’t that McAdoo got screwed, it’s that there’s no consistent and predictive behavior from the NCAA.
  • Auburn head coach Gene Chizik poked his head out and asked some questions about the NCAA’s investigation on Cam Newton and found out that they weren’t done.  Looks like you have to be on your best behavior sill, Gene.  You can go back to what you were doing once they leave.
  • It looks like Ohio State’s bus rolling is still going with Jim Tressel.  Last week, they released documents that showed he had a long history of bad reporting on NCAA violations.  Okay, so they showed that this guy didn’t do his job.  Now have they admitted that they didn’t do theirs in disciplining him?  It seems like Ohio State failed at their job as well.  It’s a more serious one, too.
  • There were reports last week of ESPN college football write Bruce Feldman being suspended because of his involvement with the new Mike Leach book.  ESPN came out and said he was never suspended.  I’m not sure if he was or not but what’s really interesting is the ball is definitely on Mike Leach’s side of the court of public opinion.  He’s taking ESPN to another court for libel and other naughtiness from ESPN, btw.
  • It’s gotta be hard for a compliance department at a college to keep track of social network type stuff.  Missouri’s Mitzi Clayton talks about just how wrought it can be.  Maybe that’s why they ban Twitter.  Or, on the other hand, maybe they should build up a bigger department.  It will create jobs.  And it will be better than whatever computer software they use.
  • USC running back Marc Tyler ran his mouth in front of the wrong camera.  TMZ’s camera that is.  He was being a drunk kid and running his mouth.  Now the school suspended him.  Marc, you gotta have some kind of media training.  There’s cameras everywhere, especially in LA.
  • Big 12 Media Days is next week!  Here’s your lineup!  It’s coming.  Oh it’s just around the corner now.
  • Finally the Heisman Trophy will be coming home.  Home as in Reggie Bush’s parent’s home.  Yeah maybe that trophy will one day get returned to the Heisman Trust.  I’m not sure anybody really cares.
  • Kansas running back Dreamius Smith is too dumb to play football.  This time it’s because of failing the ACT.  Kids, gets your grades up.  Believe it or not, it’s important.
  • LSU gets a decent penalty from the NCAA for violations relating to recruiting of junior college players.  It’s a bunch of reduced visits and a couple of knocked out scholarships, with a probationary to boot.  It’s almost like the cost of doing business for these schools anymore.
  • The media’s preseason All Big 12 is out and the one thing that sticks out for me is Kansas State’s Bryce Brown making the 1st team.  No, it’s not because I’m an alum, it’s because he’s yet to play a snap in the Big 12.  Surely there are better running backs from the other schools.  I guess nobody in the media believes in them.  Quick prediction:  it will be a pass happy season in the Big 12 this year.