Pick It And Stick It 2011 Week 04: Sticking Together

Whew!  Another close one for the Big 12.  I swear, the Big 12 is the greatest thing since MTV’s The Real World.  If you want to talk about the best conferences, then the one with the best drama factor definitely is the Big 12.  Yeah, they are staying together but we really don’t know for how long.  So while they hold hands again and tell everybody that things are cool, let’s focus on some actual football.  This week’s Pick It an Stick It kind of reflects the noise off the field.  Like the Big 12, most of the great games are stuck together around 2:30 Saturday.  That’s fine for me and my barspotting trip, but how will it fare for the picks?

Final Status (PDT)
@BYU vs UCF 2.5 Fri 09/23 05:00pm
@(25)Georgia Tech vs North Carolina 6.5 Sat 09/24 09:00am
Notre Dame vs @Pittsburgh 6.5 Sat 09/24 09:00am
@Syracuse vs Toledo 2.5 Sat 09/24 09:00am
@(22)Michigan vs San Diego St. 10.0 Sat 09/24 09:00am
@(20)TCU vs Portland St. Off (0) Sat 09/24 11:00am
@(21)Clemson vs (11)Florida St. 2.5 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@Virginia vs Southern Miss 3.0 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@Miami (FL) vs Kansas St. 12.5 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@(24)Illinois vs W. Michigan 12.5 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@(6)Wisconsin vs South Dakota Off (0) Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@Oregon St. vs UCLA 4.0 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@Washington vs California 0.0 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@(3)Alabama vs (14)Arkansas 11.5 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
@(8)Texas A&M vs (7)Oklahoma St. 4.0 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
(13)Virginia Tech vs @Marshall 20.5 Sat 09/24 12:30pm
(15)Florida vs @Kentucky 19.5 Sat 09/24 04:00pm
@(12)South Carolina vs Vanderbilt 16.0 Sat 09/24 04:00pm
@(17)Baylor vs Rice 20.5 Sat 09/24 04:00pm
@Texas Tech vs Nevada 20.0 Sat 09/24 04:00pm
@(18)South Florida vs UTEP 29.0 Sat 09/24 04:00pm
(9)Nebraska vs @Wyoming 23.5 Sat 09/24 04:30pm
(2)LSU vs @(16)West Virginia 5.5 Sat 09/24 05:00pm
@(1)Oklahoma vs Missouri 21.0 Sat 09/24 05:00pm
@(4)Boise St. vs Tulsa 29.0 Sat 09/24 05:00pm
(10)Oregon vs @Arizona 15.5 Sat 09/24 07:15pm
@Arizona St. vs (23)USC 2.5 Sat 09/24 07:15pm

There have been all bets off before but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the line at a straight up 0.0.  We have it this week with the Washington vs California game.  The other close match ups see USC at Arizona State as well as Florida State at Clemson.  As for shotgun blowouts, Boise State looks to take their blue turf bombers on down to Tulsa.  We also get to see South Florida try to hang more than 29 on UTEP.  That 2:30 block sees my Kansas State Wildcats take on Miami o’ Florida.  That will more than likely be fore the Hurricanes, but I have faith.  Also, somewhat exiting Texas A&M will band heads with Oklahoma State.  Of course, Alabama and Arkansas also have something going on at that time.  My eyeballs will be hurting after those games.